What’s up with Kate Hudson’s neck in this Ann Taylor ad?

Kate Hudson for Ann Taylor

By Kate Torgovnick

I think it’s absolutely brilliant that Ann Taylor has tapped Kate Hudson to be their spokeswoman for the past few seasons — she brings the perfect dose of youth to the retailer informally known as “Forever 41,” not to mention the perfect boho edge to the brand known for work-wear. And I totally love the looks Hudson was photographed in for the brand’s fall collection. My favorite? This sleek navy blue peplum ensemble with a pink belt.

However, as the Huffington Post notes, something seems off here. Hudson’s head is at a truly bizarre angle to her body. I mean, if she were stretching her neck sideways, wouldn’t her head by tilted a bit too? Could this be a Photshop fail?

Regardless, check out two more gorgeous Kate Hudson for Ann Taylor looks after the jump.

Kate Hudson for Ann Taylor

I just bought a very similar hot pink shirt. Cannot wait to wear it.

Kate Hudson for Ann Taylor

Love this animal print. Double goes for the zippered sleeves.

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2 thoughts on “What’s up with Kate Hudson’s neck in this Ann Taylor ad?

  1. Kate Hakala says:

    Definitely a little Photoshop of horrors vibe.

  2. Kate Torgovnick says:

    It’s that or she can physically lift her head off. Like the evil queen in that “Return to Oz” movie.

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