Trivia: Who is this Kate Wolf?

Kate Wolf, Safe at Anchor

By Kate E. Stephenson

Ok, so I was caught up in the fervor and excitement of the Inauguration last week. I know that left you hanging from the week before. I promised to fill you in on the woman who lends her name to The Kate Wolf Music Festival. So for all of you who were left wondering, “Who is this Kate Wolf?” here is the answer:

Kate Wolf was an American folk singer and songwriter who had a great impact on the folk music scene, especially in California, until her untimely death in 1986 from leukemia. Born Kathryn Louise Allen on January 27, 1947, Kate toured with a group called Wildwood Flower before she went solo. Between 1977 and 1996, she released ten albums. The Kate Wolf Music Festival is a celebration of her life through celebration of the music of her heart. Her songs have been covered by many artists, including Emmylou Harris — whose version of “Love Still Remains” was nominated for a Grammy in 1999. She was the first musician inducted into the NAIRD Independent Music Hall of Fame.Kate Wolf

There is so much more to know about Kate Wolf, but in respecting copyright and the request for non-duplication of materials, instead of telling all here, I’ll send you to the websites where you can read more about this influential folk songstress:

About Kate Wolf: Kate Wolf Music Festival

Official Website for Kate Wolf

Also, check out YouTube for a playlist of her most popular plays. There is a peace and calm that accompanies Kate’s music and it is clear why the folk music community finds it fitting to honor her every year.

Trivia runs on every Monday at 10:30am. It is written by the insanely knowledgable Kate E. Stephenson. Read much more about Kate here, and click here to follow her on Twitter. If you have an awesome piece of Kate trivia, share it!

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One thought on “Trivia: Who is this Kate Wolf?

  1. Kate Torgovnick says:

    So interesting. I had never heard of her before, but will seriously be checking out that YouTube playlist.

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