Trivia: Meet Kate Boggiano, Custom Clothing for Women

Kate Boggiano BlousesBy Kate E. Stephenson

This week’s Trivia comes in a little late, but I tell you it’s a find. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are becoming more and more aware of a major reason for our recent economic downturn—manufacturing. While the United States has maintained its dominance in many areas of industrial manufacturing and engineering, the everyday consumer had all but forgotten what it was like to see a Made in USA sticker.

World News with Diane Sawyer started a segment a few years ago called Made in America that brought this phenomenon into the primetime spotlight. Items that we use all the time like our clothing, eye glasses (yes, I’m a nerd), cell phones, electronics, furniture, tableware (the list goes on and on…) all seem to announce themselves born in China, in all her various provinces. Alas, even most designer brands have outsourced to Chinese production (take a look in your most recent clothing by and tell me it ain’t so…).

But there are still champions of domestic production and craftsmanship. And one of them is named Kate.Kate Boggiano

Kate Boggiano is a growing new fashion house making that feeling happen more often for savvy shoppers who want a custom fit crafted within American borders. Created by Kate Coxworth in 2006, Kate Coxworththe designer line began with a focus on women’s blouses and slowly expanded to include dresses, jackets and seamless wear. Dedicated to the highest in quality standards, the About Us page explains that Kate Boggiano was:

Founded on the principles of high quality and great fitting clothes that are manufactured in the USA, Kate insisted that instead of trying to be a lifestyle brand from the beginning, the brand Kate Boggiano would become an expert in one area of fashion first and grow from there.

“Our women’s shirts, blouses and tops are among the highest quality on the market today and they will always be as long as I am here” says Kate. “We are not creating a trendy silhouette. We are creating a high quality garment that is flattering to the woman who wears it and will be a piece of clothing that she is as confident putting on today as she will be 1 year from today. Our prices might be a little more expensive than other brands on the market because we are using the highest quality materials, construction, and USA production ensuring that when you buy a Kate Boggiano blouse, you are buying an item of clothing that will be a part of your wardrobe for years to come. This is very important to us and will be for the women who buy this brand” Kate offers.

While I found all of that really interesting and exactly what I want in my choice pieces, it was the next paragraph that really struck home!

USA production is also at the forefront of the long anticipated launch of Create Your Own blouse. Create Your Own blouse allows you to log on to the Kate Boggiano website and choose options from the fabric, all the way down to which button you would like on your one of a kind Kate Boggiano blouse. From there, you decide if you would like standard measurements or if you prefer a truly customized blouse through entering your specific measurements. If custom measurements are desired, you follow an easy to use measurement section complete with photos of exactly where to measure on the body and that’s it. This truly custom blouse will then be created to your specifications and sent to you in 10 business days. This fast turn around time is possible because the blouse is manufactured in the United States. “We are thrilled to be able to accomplish this” says Kate. “For years, a hot topic in the fashion industry has been how to accomplish a shorter supply chain. Isn’t it simple? Make it in the USA not in China! Not only is it manufactured faster, but the quality is so much better it was never even a question for us.”

With Kate Boggiano you get domestically-born, custom fit, designer creations! Of course it is a Kate at the helm of this industrious enterprise. And these are some bad ass clothes. The Penelope Jacket is about to be mine!

Penelope Jacket

While trade and imports are vital components to the global economy, there is something about wearing a correctly form-fitting, fierce blouse with the tag Made in America that really makes me feel patriotic—it reminds me that job creation is growing, that skilled labor is still hugely necessary, and that I can and am investing in my local and national economy when I make my regular purchases. Even if you haven’t jumped on the Made in USA bandwagon, these clothes just might get you leaping on board.

Trivia runs on every Monday at 10:30am. It is written by the insanely knowledgable Kate E. Stephenson. Read much more about Kate here, and click here to follow her on Twitter.

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One thought on “Trivia: Meet Kate Boggiano, Custom Clothing for Women

  1. Made in USA sticker has been badly hit by clothes made in Asian countries that are down right cheap yet attractive. However, “Made in USA” was never a myth, so the lost days of glory can be brought back.

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