Trivia: Katie is now a doll

Katie Doll Liv

By Kate E. Stephenson

I hope you had a festive and Happy Thanksgiving!

While staring at the television in my turkey-induced tryptophan stupor, I felt mesmerized by all of the commercials for Black Friday megasales. Although the mainstream news outlets announce this every year, I hadn’t realized that Thanksgiving night marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season. Given the recent craziness blown in by Sandy, I must say that I am quite thankful that I could even consider taking advantage of the 40% to 75% off the “best Christmas gifts of the year”. The blatant commercialism can curdle the proverbial eggnog; but I am reminded that the reason for the season is rooted in the spirit of giving. It makes sense that this is one of the most joyous times of the year. In the face of often brutally cold temperatures and taciturn weather often resulting in feet of snow, this is the time of year when you find people humming happily and smiling bright. Why? Presents!

Who doesn’t like receiving gifts, and honestly the high of giving them can be even more powerful.  So this wandering wondering brought me to the thought—is there a perfect gift out there for the Kate on Santa’s good list?

The answer was an excitement to my inner 9-year-old.

Katie—a spunky member of the Liv doll collection, which at first glance seems a hybrid of Barbie and Brats with a focus on hair. The dolls have interchangeable wigs.

Yes, there is a Katie Doll, and she is as fabulous as her name suggests. With the chutzpah to embrace her Dancing Queen and Daredevil, Katie is an accomplished character just waiting for a fellow Kate to enjoy more exploits and excursions with. So if you were wondering what to get that special Kate kid in your life, the gobble of Thanksgiving just might have given you the answer.

Trivia runs on every Monday at 10:30am. It is written by the insanely knowledgeable Kate E. Stephenson. Read much more about Kate here, and click here to follow her on Twitter.

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One thought on “Trivia: Katie is now a doll

  1. Fabri-kate says:

    Soon Black Friday will coincide with Good Friday and you can have your Christmas shopping done before Easter! Good looking out for the Katie doll!

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