Trivia: Kate Winslet, a hat trick of Titanic proportions

By Kate E. Stephenson

Well, I thought the song would never stop going on … and apparently, it won’t. Titanic” remains one of the most popular films of all time. So much so that fifteen years after its 1997 debut, the melodrama swan dove into theaters again, this time in 3D. Arguably the movie of the 20th century, “Titanic” racked up almost every movie award known to the Western world. With 11 Academy Award nominations, the film tied “Ben-Hur” for the most nods for a single film ever. (“The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” later made it a three-way pile up.) And while much of that can be attributed to mega movie mogul, James Cameron, the real magic blossomed with a character named Rose.

Played by Kate Winslet, a then little-known actress out of England, Rose stole Jack’s heart and movie audiences everywhere swooned at the on-screen romance. Moved by the haunting scene of Rose promising to “never let go” as she releases Jack’s hand, we (yes, I paid my $7.50 three times) cried as the freezing waters engulfed his lifeless body after heroically saving Rose’s life. (If I spoiled the end of the movie for you—seriously! It’s about the Titanic.)

While Rose grows into a tenacious grandmother who travels back to the sunken Titanic to take care of one last bit of bauble business, Kate Winslet has bloomed into a star of equally epic proportions. Credited with being the youngest actress to garner two Academy Award nominations (at ages 20 and 22), Winslet has earned a total of six Oscar nods, winning in 2008 for her performance in The Reader. In fact, Winslet is one of those rare breeds—and the only Kate to achieve the feat—of having earned the hat-trick of award grabs, with all three of the Oscar, Emmy, and Grammy statues sitting on her honors shelf.

As Rose she was demurely stunning, but Winslet has proven a range of abilities that span a menagerie of characters—including singer, crooning songs in five of her movies. Equal in magnitude to the colossal failure of the Titanic, Kate Winslet is one of the great thespians of our time, having just yet scrapped the top of her glacial talents.




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7 thoughts on “Trivia: Kate Winslet, a hat trick of Titanic proportions

  1. katetor says:

    So curious what Kate Winslet’s Grammy was for!

  2. mina says:

    i love u kate winslet

  3. Rahul singha says:

    Kate i also love u very much .

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