Trivia: Kate Morgan, the haunting of the Hotel del Coronado

Kate Morgan, the ghost of Hotel del CoronadoBy Kate E. Stephenson

As All Hallows Eve approaches, it seems only fitting that this week’s trivia be a howl of a story.

On November 24, 1892, Kate Morgan checked into the Hotel del Coronado on the sandy beach of California and never checked out. Five days later she was found dead. The gunshot wound to her head was thought to be self-inflicted. But the matter is of some mystery. The bullet in her head did not match her gun. But that is not the only evidence of foul play.

Although consistently occupied before her short residence, Room 302 remained empty for many weeks after Kate’s untimely death. The subsequent inhabitants of the room observed unexplainable happenings—the unwarranted flickering of lights, the sound of footsteps that belonged to know one, and the soft scent of perfume in an empty room.

Kate Morgan’s unsettled spirit has walked the halls of Hotel del Coronado since 1892, searching but never finding the answers that would set her soul free.

Her ghost has been seen not only in Room 302, but in various areas throughout the large resort. Although sightings are usually fleeting, the constant presence of Kate Morgan has been the culprit in much supernatural mischief. One visitor noted: “At about 2 a.m., I was awakened by exceedingly cold temperatures and the ceiling fan working at high speed. The fan remained on for about 30 seconds and then stopped. Later, I awoke to find that all of the bed pillows had been stacked pyramid style on top of my computer.” Another set of lovers felt Kate’s presence throughout a Valentine’s Day jaunt, culminating in the perhaps jealous apparition ripping the sheets from their bed in the middle of the night.

The details of this young woman’s life are sketchy. It is known that she was married to a man named Tom, but she was travelling alone when she died. Some reports stated that she was waiting for her brother, a doctor, but census records note a deceased sister as her only sibling. There was also some whispering about the possibility of another man. There is evidence that supports she was pregnant when she died. Objects found in her room suggested that she might have tried to terminate the pregnancy through alternative homespun means. Hotel employees reported that Kate seemed depressed and in pain in the days before her death.

Nothing about Kate Morgan seems clear except her soul’s unrest.

[Hotel del Coronado Press Release]

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One thought on “Trivia: Kate Morgan, the haunting of the Hotel del Coronado

  1. The dead woman was actually Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Wyllie, the first police I.D. on the body in 1892. Kate Morgan was the ruthless grifter who put a pregnant (out of wedlock; “ruined”) Lizzie up to an ill-conceived blackmail attempt that went horribly wrong. The target: mega wealthy John Spreckels, owner of the hotel. He was in the White House with Pres. Benjamin Harrison at that moment, negotiating the fate of Hawai’i where his father’s cane sugar plantations were. Lots of good info on the site, plus a double-header book: Dead Move and Lethal Journey.

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