The Week in Kate: Kate Upton’s racy new shoot, Katie Taylor wins boxing gold

Kate Upton in Contributor magazine

By Kate Torgovnick

As per usual, it looks like the Kates, Katies, Catherines, and Katys of the world have been mighty busy this week. Here, your weekly roundup of name-specific news.

  • What? A scandalous Kate Upton magazine spread? You don’t say. This time, it’s in Contributor Magazine. [Huffington Post]
  • And yes! Katie Taylor wins gold for Ireland in women’s boxing. [NY Times]
  • Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish are engaged. Bosworth dropped the news very discretely this week. [SF Gate]
  • Kate Moss continues to roll in the dough. While her company was worth $3.8 million last year, it’s now worth $7 million. [The Sun]
  • Speaking of Moss, she apparently ruined husband Jamie Hince’s 20 years of veganism by cooking a bacon sandwich in her underwear. [The Gloss]
  • Catherine Keener has started filming a new movie with Toni Collette. [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • Kate Beckinsale says that, since she had four brothers, she loved action movies growing up. “I was a huge Die Hard fan until it ate my husband for two years,” she says, of Len Wiseman’s remake. [SlashGear]
  • Apparently, some folks on the set of “Total Recall” didn’t realize that she and director Wiseman were married. [Style Goes Strong]
  • Beckinsale opted for dots at a special showing of “Total Recall” in New York. [Posh 24]
  • Miss Beckinsale is reportedly a front-runner to play Anastasia in “50 Shades of Grey.” Only that doesn’t make sense at all because they are completely different ages. []
  • Transgender writer Kate Bornstein talks about her experience as a Scientologist. [Windy City Media Group]

  • It appears that Katy Perry and John Mayer are actually dating. The two were seen smooching at a party last weekend. [Mercury News]
  • And headed out on Wednesday to the Chateau Marmont in LA. See photo above. [NY Daily News]
  • And then Katy seen getting out of Mayer’s car the next morning. [NY Daily News]
  • Meanwhile, Katy Perry thinks Rihanna should get Video of the Year for “We Found Love.” In other words, she doesn’t think her own video for “Wide Awake” should take the prize.
  • Kate Middleton‘s close relationship with Prince Harry is awesome — he refers to her as the “sister I never had.” However, rumor has it that Middleton’s real sister, Pippa, is a little hurt about not being a part of the royal triumvirate. [Daily Mail]
  • Meanwhile, Middleton makes the day of the US Olympic women’s gymnastics teams, when she requests to talk to them during yesterday’s vault finals. And says she likes their leotards. [E! Online]
  • Yay! The Duchess of Cambridge likes synchronized swimming. Good, since there are three Katies on the British team. [USA Today]
  • Katie Holmes has enrolled Suri Cruise in a chi-chi Manhattan private school. [NY Daily News]
  • And took the girl to MOMA. [US Weekly]

Any Kate-related news this week that I missed? Add it in the comments, please!

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