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The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Health and Fitness: Transformations


By Kate Richlin-Zack

The countdown to the competition has begun! Ten weeks down and less than six weeks to go so there is absolutely no turning back now. Also, my checks to cover the entry fees have been cashed and there’s no refund. Regardless, I’m in this and I’m very excited…

But to be completely honest: I’m EXHAUSTED.

Ironically, I’ve been “slacking” when it comes to my usual Lazy Girl tendencies and haven’t had much down time in the last two and a half months. I’m fairly certain I’m in a constant state of sleep deprivation. I can’t remember the last time I was able to just do nothing and think about nothing. I just want to stop. Breathe. Eat cake. Watch the Kardashians. But I can’t. Not yet. And so I force myself to keep going. Not because I want to, but because I’m not finished.

I’ve been applying this quit-when-you’re-done mentality to every aspect of my life. Despite being tired and hungry and doubtful, I just keep going. I leave the gym when I finish my workout. I leave the dinner table when I finish my meal. I leave work when I finish my projects. I leave nothing unfinished. I can’t half ass anything. And somehow it’s easier to just go balls out on everything than it is to figure out what I can half-ass.

It’s hard to keep going when you just want to take a break but the physical transformation is proof positive that the sacrifice and sheer insanity is absolutely worth it.

Watching my body morph  over the last two months has been like a science experiment. It’s actually kind of cool. My abs made an appearance after only a few weeks of following a strict diet and exercise regimen. At first I could only see it in certain lighting or if I was flexing, and I’d be left wondering, “Do I have a six pack?”

Now there’s no doubt. I have a six pack.

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The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Health And Fitness: The Hardest Part About Getting In Shape


by Kate Richlin-Zack

Recently, a friend asked me, “How and when did you make the choice to be healthy, and how do you stick with it?”

It got me thinking because how I look and feel now is very different from ten years ago or even three years ago. With New Year’s Resolution running rampant these days, I think it’s the perfect time to answer her question.

Here’s the thing: deciding you want to be healthy and fit isn’t difficult. It’s easy to decide, “I want to look smokin’ hot in a bikini and I want to feel confident running around in hot pants.” Umm… join the club. We’ve got jackets. That’s not the hard part. Doing the work to get there – working out, eating healthy – also isn’t that hard. I’m not going to piss on your foot and tell you it’s raining, it’s work, but we’ve all put forth some effort at some point in our lives so doing what needs to be done isn’t all that hard either. So if making the decision is so easy and doing what needs to be done isn’t difficult, why are so many people still so unhappy with their bodies and so unsuccessful with their fitness goals?

Lack of information.

It’s impossible to get from Point A to Point B if you don’t know HOW. When was the last time, you got in the car and drove to a place you’ve never been before without using a GPS or consulting Google Maps? Exactly.

Losing weight is no different. The only thing you need to achieve a killer bod is information. And depending on where you’re looking, that information can be hard to find. You may think you have all the right information, but unless you have exactly the body you want at this very moment, you still have some learnin’ to do.
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