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My CompliKAITed Life: A Year in Review


By Kaitlin Marie

This February has provided me with multiple milestones. On top of turning 25, February 1st marked the anniversary of my return home from Costa Rica, and today is my 1 year anniversary at my job. A lot can happen in a year, and a lot has happened to me. Failed job interviews, apartment-related hijinks, weight gain, moving out of my parents’ house, job frustration. I’ve documented a lot of my frustrations and misadventures here on Kate-Book, but one of the things I write about most is my job and the myriad disappointments and annoyances it has caused.

But I do really, truly want to say something: I don’t hate my job.

I work with some really wonderful people and the company I work for cares deeply about their employees. When I accepted this position, I honestly thought it would be a transition job and that I would be quitting to move on to something better in a matter of months. I had a lot of job angst, and I felt particularly over-qualified for my position (and I still do sometimes, and I probably am over-qualified. But that doesn’t mean this job is beneath me. I don’t believe there’s a job that exists that is “beneath me”)

It sounds strange, but this is the first job I’ve had where I worked full time for an entire year. I’ve had a number of part time jobs, summer jobs, and internships but I never worked a full year for any of them. And even in Costa Rica, I held 2 different positions, but only for about 6 months each. So like it or not, this job-iversary is a big deal for me.

In a way, it represents my continuing transition into adulthood. This is my “big kid job”. Continue reading

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Kate’s Television Musings: The Complexities of Relationships . . . with TV Shows

Kate's Television Musings: The Office

By Kate Emswiler

The end of a beloved TV series can be deeply disappointing or sometimes bittersweet, and I responded accordingly to the news that some of my favorite shows like “30 Rock” would be ending after this upcoming season.  However, I had a strangely relieved reaction to the news this week that Dunder-Mifflin will finally be shuttered after this upcoming ninth season of “The Office”.  After all, it’s easy to understand why the show is ending.  I no longer consider “The Office” to be a great show, or even a very good show, as over recent years it seems the characters have devolved into caricatures, storylines have weakened and the actual office itself just feels sad and boring.

Some of the seasons have been better than others, and season eight over 2011-2012 was especially uneven and bizarre.  The show went on a plummeting nosedive with occasional bouts of outrageous, triumphant hilarity from some of the weird newcomers like James Spader and, of course, fellow “Kate” Catherine Tate.  And yet, every single week, I put myself through the grinding task of watching “The Office” — even making a point of watching it before I watched drastically higher quality shows like “Community” and “Parks and Recreation”.

Indeed, there are plenty of other shows that I like and, frankly, respect more than “The Office”, but I don’t watch those shows nearly so regularly.  Why?  I don’t know.  I can’t explain it besides that there’s something comforting and familiar about “The Office” and checking in with it each week (or watching a whole slew of episodes in a row on a lazy day off) feels like visiting my old neighborhood or checking in on a relative whom I might not like very much, but whose company feels homey.

Or in other words, I love “The Office”, but I don’t really like “The Office”.

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The Week in Kate: Kate Flannery gets a new TV show, while Kate Middleton smells of raspberries

Kate Flannery of "The Office"Looks likes the Kates, Katys, and Catherines of the world have been mighty busy this week. Here, your weekly roundup of name-specific news.

  • The amazing Kate Flannery of “The Office” will be hosting a new series on TV Guide called “StandUp In Stilettos.” Though comics can presumably wear flats, too. [Huffington Post]
  • Katherine Heigl is still feeling crafty. She has bought a sewing machine. [Daily Mail]
  • Prince William had reportedly “whisked Kate Midleton away on a romantic ski vacation” to Verbier following his return from the Falklands. [The Mirror]
  • Turns out, they’re on a family trip with the Middletons. Romantic? Not so much. [Celebrity Cafe]
  • Speaking of Middleton, school kids who’ve met her in person say that she smells of raspberries. [Gather Celebs]
  • And finally, Prince Harry has moved into the apartment next door to brother Prince William and sister-in-law Middleton at Kensington Palace. Which sounds like the start to a really good sitcom. [E! Online]
  • Movie I can’t wait for: “Rememory,” the story of a college professor who dies just as his most genius invention is released, leaving his wife to pick up his work. It’ll star Catherine O’Hara, who is way underrated in my mind. [Deadline]
  • Oh look! New Kate Hudson for Ann Taylor ads. [Celebrity Gossip]
  • Kate Winslet, at the “Titanic” premieres then and now. [People]

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