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Katy Perry with hair every single color of the rainbow

Katy Perry arrived at the Coachella music festival this weekend rocking a brand new hair color—a darker, richer, longer version of the blue hair she’s been sporting lately. Her hair stylist Rita Hazan tells Page Six, “Her new color is what I call purple velvet. It’s dark and rich. It’s very punk rock. I love creating colors for her because she always knows how to rock it.”

And rock it Perry did—while crowd-surfing to pal Rihanna’s set with DJ Calvin Harris, in fact. But while the press seems fine dubbing this color “purple,” I just have to point out that it looks closer to navy blue to me. Which interestingly, is the color Rihanna recently expressed interest in.

“Navy blue is my color right now,” Rihanna told People in March. “Not any blue, not the punk blue. I have yet to see the right one. It does not exist yet!”

Should Rihanna have a problem with Perry cramping her style, I’m guessing that the “Teenage Dream” singer won’t have trouble adjusting. Perry has literally had her hair every color of the rainbow.  Here, Katy Perry in all her ROY G BIV glory.

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