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Fabri-Kate: Easy, quick, and uniquely yours – DIY earring holder

DSCF2595By Kathleen Neafsey

February is nearly over!  Short month, so short project — this is, by far, the easiest project that I’ve done!  The supply list is also super-short … two items, to be precise! Here’s the background on how this came to be: I’ve had this earring holder; I don’t know where it came from or how it ever made it into my house, but I have it.

Neither of my daughters claims to have ever owned it, but one day I came across it and I needed one, so I started to use it. As you can see by the photo, it’s pretty juvenile, but it served a purpose, sadly, I went with it.  For years I’ve been saying that I’m going to replace it, but haven’t found anything that I liked enough. I’m finally at the point where I just can’t stand looking at it anymore, and have been on the hunt for something new, so I’ve been scouring DIY blogs for inspiration.  Who knew there could be so many variations of earring holders?! Here’s the one I chose because it looked simple, and can be easily adapted to match your style and decor.

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Obsessed with: Kate Holdsworth jewelry

By Kate Torgovnick

As the old journalist adage goes, “Three is a trend.” And so it is official: people named Kate make wonderfully out-of-the-box jewelry designers. I’ve already introduced you to Mr. Kate, a line of jewelry inspired by hardware and Cheerios, and Kate Gilliand’s The Weird and the Wonderful collection. And now I bring you Kate Holdsworth, a British designer who specializes in “knitted” baubles. I am so in love with this pendant above, which fuses a glass bead explosion together in a mesh casing. And while the necklace on the right look like it could be made of thread, it is actually metal. Which sounds far, far sturdier. Check out many more of Holdsworth’s pieces here.

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Obsessed with: Kate Gilliland jewelry

Kate Gilliland calls her jewelry collection “The Weird and the Wonderful,” and the she is not lying. Think: Alice in Wonderland, if she had a penchant for dead mice and squashed frogs. Gilliland, a member of the Design Space in Birmingham, England, creates jewelry inspired by dead animals that she encounters in everyday life. But it isn’t at all macabre. “The found and treasured dead animals she uses in her jewelery are a celebration of life as much as they are of death. They evoke questions and illuminate your curiosity, conjuring fantastical tales,” her website explains.

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Obsessed with: Little Missy Kate jewelry

I’m not exactly sure why jewelry designer Hallie Keller of Spokane, Washington, opted to name her jewelry line Little Missy Kate. But hey, I like! Her stamped jewelry is simple and plays well with others, the kind of pieces you wear on a daily basis. Also good—Keller prides herself on keeping things affordable. Not too shockingly, I adore this Kate charm bracelet, since it’s both delicate and chunky at the same time. I’m also feeling this airplane pendant. Even better, Keller apparently takes requests and will change up her normal items to suit your taste.

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Obsessed with: Mr. Kate jewelry

Mr. Kate JewelryMr. Kate is not your typical jewelry line. Designed by Kate Albrecht, the pieces are all about combining the masculine with the feminine and thus feature lots of screws, lug nuts, twigs, and mustaches. Heck, the brand even has a set of rings inspired by Cheerios ($42 each). Yumz!

After the jump, Albrecht explains her line in her own words in a video. Go watch it while I drool over the crazy bib necklace ($285) and piggy pendants ($258) above.

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Obsessed with: Kate Bosworth’s video for her JewelMint line

Warning: this video will get Metronomy’s song “The Look” stuck in your head for the rest of the day. But I am kind of loving this video Kate Bosworth made to promote her new accessories line for JewelMint. Apparently, Bosworth has made a series of such videos, with the help of her director boyfriend Michael Polish, and plans to release one a month. “This project gives me the opportunity to merge to worlds I love—fashion and cinema,” explains Bosworth. Of course she would use the word ‘cinema’ to describe what she does.

I won’t lie—some of the pieces highlighted in here are pretty ick. But I am really wanting that silver chunky ring and that anchor necklace.

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Sorry, but Kate Middleton has some chubby fingers

Kate Middleton's replica ringMy favorite Christmas gift this year? A replica of Duchess Catherine’s engagement ring, gifted to me by my sister Lizz. Lizz apparently scoured high and low, looking for the best knockoff of Kate Middleton’s hulking 18-carat sapphire and diamond ring, which originally belonged to Princess Diana. This was a stroke of genius on many levels, and not just because I am obsessed with all things Kate-related. Blue just happens to be my favorite color, and I prefer my bling to be as big and gaudy as possible.

Replicas of Middleton’s ring have been flying off store shelves in the UK at about the same pace that people have been snatching up knockoffs of Pippa Middleton’s bridesmaid dress. But apparently, the store making this specific replica ring is only carrying it in a size 7, supposedly the ring size Middleton actually wears. (I can’t find any confirmation on the interwebs that this is or isn’t true.) And I just have to say that, for such a skinny girl, I am surprised by the heft of her fingers. This ring doesn’t even sort of of fit my ring finger. Heck, it even slips off my thumb. I had to put a little tin foil around the back to wear it on my middle finger as seen in this picture.

That said, I still kind of love this thing.

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Kate Moss accused of ripping off ad campaign

Kate Moss in ads for David Yurman and FredDavid Yurman Jewelers thinks that Kate Moss might have gone a little too far with imitation being the sincerest form of flattery.

A rep for the iconic jeweler shares with Page Six that a new set of photos promoting Moss’ line for French jeweler Fred looks an awful lot like photos shot of Moss for David Yurman’s spring 2011 collection.

And the images are pretty similar.

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