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My CompliKAITed Life: Sick of Snow


This was me yesterday

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m officially sick of snow. I’m over it. Done. And I’m currently writing this in the aftermath of the year’s biggest blizzard.

I’m not sure if Mother Nature missed the memo, but it’s March now! Bring on the rain showers, galoshes, and flowers please!

Now, most of the Kate Book ladies are New York gals, and I know they’ve experienced their fair share of storms and snow in the last 6 months. I, however, am a mid western girl, born and bred and accustomed to massive blizzards and towering snow drifts.  But after a year spent in and around tropical rainforests, I’m less inclined to enjoy the winter wonderland I’m currently living in.  I miss constant warmth and sun. (Although a friend in Costa Rica informed me that they’re also having a cold snap of epic proportions in San Jose. 68 degrees! Can you imagine!?)

The sad thing is that the last few winters in my area have been enviably mild, so much so that my belly-aching doesn’t even feel warranted. That hasn’t stopped me from being sick of the weather, though. Winter does nothing for my figure; icy roads keep me from running and chilly temperatures have me craving warm comfort foods. Heaps of steaming hot mac n cheese and warm cookies fresh from the oven, anyone?

I daydream of sunny afternoons when my boyfriend and I can ride our bikes downtown and I don’t have to mummify myself in scarves before I leave the house. Still, the winter has afforded me the opportunity to dream and scheme up myriad summer projects. (Think spray painting and decoupaging.) I’ve also had a chance to work on my strength training (occasionally). And after several months of being cooped up, Cabin Fever got the best of me and I signed up for a yoga class, which I’m totally LOVING! (Which also happened to be canceled because of the blizzard. Arg!)

Soon to come will be Spring Cleaning, sunshine, and an intensive half marathon training schedule. As soon as the ice on the roads melts. Until then, I’ll just have to settle for blogging, baking, and vegging out on the couch with a new series on Netflix.

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