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My CompliKAITed Life: On Getting It All Together

Adulthood is hard. When you’re a kid, you imagine it as this shining state of being. You have all the power and money. You get to make the all the decisions. You’re no longer short or lanky, and your face is acne-free. Wouldn’t it be great if the dream were the reality?

Beacuse for me, adulthood feels a lot like learning to juggle. Except you’re juggling BADGERS. And they’re ON FIRE. And occasionally one of them PUNCHES YOU IN THE FACE. And also you’re tired all the time, and you just want to take a nap instead of going out jogging, but you told your blog readers that you were going to run a half marathon this year, but right now you can only run 4 miles.

I guess I’m just feeling a little bit like this:


I’m not the only one, right?

Having it all together seems like a pretty impossible task sometimes. Even if you’re rocking it at your job, you come home and there’s laundry to be done and dishes to be washed and muscles to be exercised and blogs to be written. It never stops.

And it doesn’t help that I often go on Pinterest-induced blog binges and read a bunch of posts written by Mormon housewives who keep their houses immaculate, have 3 kids, and feed their whole family on JUST MY SALARY.  Which seems like it’s barely enough for me most of the time.

I have no more words to describe this disillusionment, so I’m going to rely on gifs from this point forward.


Now that I’m grown up, I should be getting some sort of official commendation, right? Like a special card or something?


And then you have to do adult stuff, like pay bills.


And try to cook healthy food for yourself.


And go to the office and put your nose to the grindstone every day.


You should feel successful, but the ONE MORE PERSON asks you to do ONE MORE THING, and you’re just like:




Maybe I’ll just denounce my adult status and act like a kid forever.

I’m never growing up.


My CompliKAITed Life is a column by Kaitlin Marie running on Kate-book.com every other Wednesday at noon. You can read all about Kaitlin’s Zombie Apocalypse plans and geektastic lifestyle on her blog Zombies4breakfast.com. Oh, and follow her on Twitter here or on Pinterest here. She pins obsessively.


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My CompliKAITed Life: A Year in Review


By Kaitlin Marie

This February has provided me with multiple milestones. On top of turning 25, February 1st marked the anniversary of my return home from Costa Rica, and today is my 1 year anniversary at my job. A lot can happen in a year, and a lot has happened to me. Failed job interviews, apartment-related hijinks, weight gain, moving out of my parents’ house, job frustration. I’ve documented a lot of my frustrations and misadventures here on Kate-Book, but one of the things I write about most is my job and the myriad disappointments and annoyances it has caused.

But I do really, truly want to say something: I don’t hate my job.

I work with some really wonderful people and the company I work for cares deeply about their employees. When I accepted this position, I honestly thought it would be a transition job and that I would be quitting to move on to something better in a matter of months. I had a lot of job angst, and I felt particularly over-qualified for my position (and I still do sometimes, and I probably am over-qualified. But that doesn’t mean this job is beneath me. I don’t believe there’s a job that exists that is “beneath me”)

It sounds strange, but this is the first job I’ve had where I worked full time for an entire year. I’ve had a number of part time jobs, summer jobs, and internships but I never worked a full year for any of them. And even in Costa Rica, I held 2 different positions, but only for about 6 months each. So like it or not, this job-iversary is a big deal for me.

In a way, it represents my continuing transition into adulthood. This is my “big kid job”. Continue reading

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My CompliKAITed Life: The Weird Transition Phase of the Holidays in your Post-Grad Years


By Kaitlin Marie

The older you grow, the more the holiday season changes. It grows with you, in a way, and the frame of mind  with which you approach the Thanksgiving/Christmas/Hanukkah celebrations is a huge factor in whether or not you enjoy the season.

At my ripe old age of 24, this will be the 24th time I participate in these Wintertime festivities. However, now that I’ve graduated college, I’m starting to notice a lot of changes in my life that affect how I celebrate during this holiday season.

 1.  Time Off

Remember that glorious time called “College”, when you would study/cry yourself into a finals-week-induced breakdown and then spend the entire month of December lounging around your parents’ house in your pajamas all day and eating pie for breakfast? Those magical, beautiful days are gone. In their place, I now have endless work weeks, and the glittering promise of only having a day off  on Christmas Day. This experience must be old hat for anyone who has been in the workforce a while, but for me, it’s a cold, harsh reality-smackdown.

Also, I have to work the Saturday before Christmas. Lame sauce.

2. Decorating

One strange and exciting part of being what some would deign to consider a “grown up” during the holidays is that you get to decorate your own space. Of course, I’ve already dabbled in Christmas decorating by dint of spraying snowflakes on my college dorm windows and owning a miniature Christmas tree. And accidentally killing an amaryllis.

However, this year is different. This year I bought stockings and sewed my boyfriend’s and my name on the tops. I then hung them very ceremoniously over my couch (My apartment has no fireplace) with command hooks (because I am a classy broad).

Continue reading

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