Skateboard on Kate Moss’ face

Skate MossSkateboarding was huge when I was in high school circa 1997.  I won’t lie—back then, I spent countless hours in parking garages watching my male friends, as well as many a crush, do pretty much nothing on their board but fall and scrape their knee.  Back then, I loved a half-buzzed, half-long flopover haircut, as well as a pair of Vans.

These days, every now and then, I’ll see a group of skateboarders in the distance and think, “Cool. Kids today are still doing that.” Then I get a little closer and see that—no—the skateboarders are actually 30, like me, they just appear more teenager-like in the distance. Chances are they have jobs, maybe even wives and kids—and are just still in love with that thing from their youth.

Speaking of things people were in love with in the ’90s, supermodel Kate Moss ranked highly. Back then, we didn’t know about her drug habits and she hadn’t yet been accused of burning teddy bears in anger. Back then, she was the willowy, bed-headed Calvin Klein model whose pout oozed sex appeal.

All this to say, that I am not completely shocked that there is a line of “fantasy” skateboards called Skate Moss.

According to The Frisky, these boards were created by artist Jeff Gaudinet after he and a friend had a miscommunication about skateboarding and Miss Moss. But apparently, Gaudinet isn’t the only one contributing to the Moss collection of boards—which feature the model in many of her classic shots, often without a top—anyone can make their own Moss-inspired board. So far, there are 12 designs in existence.

If anyone ever makes a time machine that takes a person back to the 1990s, I bet it will have Kate Moss on it too.


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2 thoughts on “Skateboard on Kate Moss’ face

  1. Katie G says:

    Only a poser would actually use one of these haha

  2. Katetorg says:

    Eww. Just noticed on that second image that the designed wrote the words ‘Skate Moss’ as if it were pubic hair.

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