Obsessed with: Katherine Anne Confections

By Kate Torgovnick

Few things in this world are as good as chocolate. It’s a sentiment I’m sure that most women can agree with. And so I was thrilled when, while on a vacation in Chicago, I stumbled on a Kate making the most delicious chocolate you can imagine—Katherine Anne Confections. Namesake Katherine Anne Duncan began making caramels at age 10 on her family’s dairy farm in Wisconsin. Let’s just say that her tastes have matured from there. Her apricot basil truffles, pictured above, are to die for. Ditto for her amazing salted caramel marshmallows, which you should ogle after the jump.

Apparently, Katherine Anne will soon be opening her first store, with 14 seats for in-store sampling. All I can say to that … is yumz! [Chicagoist]

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