Obsessed with: Disco fries at Kate’s Joint

Kate's Joint in New YorkI’ve been a vegetarian for, well, a really long time. And I love me a vegetarian restaurant, even if it does take me a million years to order because there’s a full menu of options I can get rather than just a few to eenie meenie mini mo. My favorite vegetarian restaurant: Kate’s Joint on Avenue B in New York’s East Village. If you end up here, you’ll want to order a veggie version of a diner favorite—like the Southern Fried Unchicken, the Meatless-loaf Hero, or the Unturkey Club. There’s even a McKate burger—a veggie interpretation of the Big Mac. Oh, and Disco Fries. Made with vegan gravy.
And don’t worry, I will find out who put the Kate in Kate’s Joint for a future post.

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  1. [...] Kate’s Joint, the vegetarian diner on New York’s Avenue B that specializes in Southern Fried Unchicken and Disco Fries with Vegan Gravy, is in danger of closing. BrooklynVegan.com reports that the classic food stop is in arrears with [...]

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