My CompliKAITed Life: When Life Gives You the Boot


By: Kaitlin Marie

Well, guys. This last week and half has really been a bitch. I’m not usually one to complain about flashy footware, but this boot isn’t really up my alley.

So, what happened?

Y’know, I’m not entirely sure. I ran 3 miles after a 2 month running hiatus. I didn’t feel any ankle pain, but sometimes my body has a bit of a delayed reaction time. A few days after my run, I went bowling and I felt my ankle twinge a bit. The next day it was quite sore, and that soreness continued for a few days. Then I had the bright idea to go to yoga and really put a lot of stress on my ankle (because that ALWAYS works, right?).  The pain I felt after my yoga class sent me limping over to my dad, who is a Podiatrist (foot and ankle specialist), and he gave me the boot to wear for at least the following week.

Boo :(

Things that are awesome about the boot:

  • Not feeling guilty when you take the closest parking spots (but not the handicapped one–I’m not that much of an asshole)
  • People going super out of their way to hold doors for me
  • The nice dude at the grocery store who put my cart away for me
  • The oddly pitying looks people have given me while I hobble around in public (I promise, folks, I WILL WALK AGAIN!)
  • The fact that I have to wear a high heeled shoe to balance out the height difference of the boot
  • The hilarious worker at Michael’s that told me I was “working my boot look” because of the high heel I wore with it
  • The fact that I told the gossipy people at work that I injured myself by kicking Chuck Norris in the face

Things that suck about the boot:

  • It’s cumbersome as hell
  • My cat seems to be terrified of it, especially if the velcro straps are undone
  • Walking in it has bruised my shin
  • It makes me walk like Frankenstein
  • Wearing it while driving is EXTREMELY difficult (You’re either stopping or accelerating. There’s not much in between)
  • I can’t run, obviously, which makes me very sad
  • After a long day of walking around in it, my left knee is so sore
  • The weird dudes that tried to use the boot as a conversation starter in order to hit on me while I was walking around downtown

Thankfully, today is the first day I’m feeling well enough to walk around without the dang boot! This is me today:



I’m obviously starting up some serious fashion trends with all this fancy footware. I’ve never broken a bone before or experienced an injury that required anything more than a simple brace (like the one I’m wearing above), so wearing the boot for a week was a very interesting and frustrating experience. I can’t imagine having a cast or having to wear the boot for more than a month.

Ultimately, I feel lucky that I didn’t cause myself a more serious injury, although it’s embarassing to say that I hurt myself bowling. (BOWL SAFE, GUYS! BOWLING AWARENESS IS KEY).

Hopefully I’ll be back to walking and running and yoga-ing quite soon.

My CompliKAITed Life is a column by Kaitlin Marie running on every other Wednesday at noon. You can read all about Kaitlin’s Zombie Apocalypse plans on her blog Oh, and follow her on Twitter here or on Pinterest here. She pins obsessively.


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