My CompliKAITed Life: How I boomeranged back home

My CompliKAITed LifeBy Kaitlin Marie

Once upon a time, there was a young college graduate who had big dreams…

And then she woke up.
And remembered she was still living with her parents.
And working as a secretary.

My ComplKaited Life

Hi, I’m Kait. And this is my CompliKAITed Life…

You’re probably asking yourself how a nice and responsible girl like me wound up living at home with her parents. Or maybe you’re not. The economy is kind of in the shitter after all, and lots of the recently graduated lads and ladies are flocking back to their childhood homes. However, to amuse you, I’ll give you the 411 on how I crash-landed into my current status.

I’m 24 and I graduated in 2010 with degrees in English and Spanish. After a short stint interning as a writer for a prominent greeting card company, I decided to drop everything and go to Costa Rica. While living the tropical pura vida, I worked as a travel writer and a social media guru, met some awesome people, and drank a lot of beer.

After a year abroad, I shimmied my homesick butt back to the good old US of A, setting my foot permanently on American soil on February 1st of this year. I’ve been in the States about 3 months now, getting my bearings, doing secretary stuff, and trying to find an affordable living situation.

Thanks to the awesomeness that is, I’ll be maintaining a biweekly column here. I’m hoping to fill it to the brim with anecdotes about my wonderfully strange Foot Doctor Dad and Quality Assurance Manager Mom, as well as secretarial shenanigans, and gourmet recipes. Okay, maybe not the gourmet recipes. I’m not that talented.

But if you find yourself lying awake at night, wondering what life is like for receptionists in Northwest Indiana, then this it totally the column for you.

My CompliKAITed Life is a column by Kaitlin Marie running on every other Wednesday at noon. You can read all about Kaitlin’s Zombie Apocalypse plans on her blog Oh, and follow her on Twitter here or on Pinterest here. She pins obsessively.

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9 thoughts on “My CompliKAITed Life: How I boomeranged back home

  1. katetorg says:

    Hey Kait, I just wanted to let you know that things do get better! My first job out of college was writing spam email–pyramid schemes, porn ads, you name it. One of my lowest days ever was when I received my own “work” in my email inbox. I won’t lie–I learned a lot at that job and do think it made me a better employee than I ever would have been without it.

    Wishing you luck, and can’t wait to read your adventures as you find your way to the thing you want to do.

  2. Kaitertot says:

    Thanks, Kate :)

    Honestly, I’m more bored than anything else. I’m still looking for paying writing jobs, but I think for a girl who just got back to the country 3 months ago, I’m doing okay. At least I own a car now. (My parents sold mine while I was away, so I had to buy one when I got back).

    I’m also trying to smile and find the humor in my secretarial situations. You’ll see :)

  3. Kate S. says:

    Here’s to loving parents! I say there is no shame in the boomerang. Until the 80s most people stayed with their parents until they started their own families, then (guess what?) their parents moved in with them. It has worked like that for millenia–it’s the hubris making us think we have to have it all right now, right out of college. Ha! Life (for most of us who aren’t Doogie Howser or Mark Zuckerberg) takes time. So take the time. Get it together while you’re in a safe place to fall apart.

  4. Cate M says:

    I’d totally still be at my parents house if it wasn’t for their “out by 25 unless you get into a tragic accident” rule… Which I guess is for the best in more ways than one.

  5. Kaitertot says:

    Lol! Thanks for the support, ladies! I think the reason living at home is so frustrating for me is because I spent a year abroad, living on my own, renting on my own, and supporting myself. Then I came back to the States, and even though I make more than double what I did in Costa Rica, it’s still hard to find an affordable living situation. I’ve been independent already, so it’s difficult to go back to being dependent. Either way, I’m working towards moving out.

  6. KateEms says:

    Ahhh. This is a rough time. I know it well. After being on my own for many years, I had to move in with my parents for a year and a half when I was 29-30. I was unemployed and feeling worthless, inert, etc. (though I applied for jobs like crazy). It’s hard mostly because once you’ve lived on your own and tasted freedom, it’s like you smoosh yourself back into the person you were when you originally lived with your parents. We’d get in the same little spats we had when I was in high school and I’d whine about needing to borrow their car. I turned into such an adolescent, which made my 30th birthday there somewhat depressing.

    Now I live in Brooklyn and I spend WAY too much on rent (as in, half my salary) but I honestly don’t even care. It’s worth it to me to live on my own with my cats, on my terms. :)

    I’m curious to hear more about Indiana! I’ve never been.

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