Kate Winslet wants you to skip foie gras

On July 1, chances are that you will no longer be able to purchase foie gras in the state of California. Apparently, back in 2004, then-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed into effect a law that gave producers until that date to stop making the delicacy.

Now that the date is quickly approaching, chefs throughout the state are naturally pissed. According to United Press International, about 100 have signed a petition against the law. Still others say they are going to do what chefs in Chicago did when the sale of foie gras was made illegal there in 2006—they started giving it away to customers for free. Four months later, the ban was overturned.

So what leverage do  anti-foie gras folk have? Why, Kate Winslet.

Two years ago, Winslet made this video for PETA crying fowl (sorry, had to) on the practice of fattening ducks up in order to increase the size of their livers. Now, folks are trotting the video out, as it makes a pretty darn good case against the practice.

So what do you think—does Kate’s video make you less likely to eat foie gras? Or does this not seem so different from what happens to other livestock? How do you feel on the great foie gras debate?

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One thought on “Kate Winslet wants you to skip foie gras

  1. Katie G says:

    Hmm I am personally a fan of foie gras, but it has only been living in France that I have eaten it on a somewhat regular basis. I don’t think the market for it is that big in the u.s. really. I just wonder if we should focus our efforts on stopping the abuse inherent in the production of foie gras, or if our efforts would be better spent addressing factory farming–which is ubiquitous and bad for animals and humans alike.

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