Kate Winslet to make her stage debut?

Kate Winslet with her Golden GlobeKate Winslet has been nominated for six Academy Awards, two Emmys, and eight Golden Globe Awards, most recently for her role in “Carnage,” Roman Polanski’s big screen adaptation of the hit Broadway play, “God of Carnage.” However, there is one major acting distinction Winslet has never had—appearing on the stage.

This, however, may soon change. Winslet is apparently in talks to star in the play “Skylight,” the tale of a widowed restauranteur who meets with a mistress he carried on an affair with while his wife was still alive. Apparently, the mistress feels so overwhelmingly guilty about their dalliance that she is living in a self-imposed exile to atone for it.

The play has the promise to be a major smash.

It would be directed by playwright David Hare, and Bill Nighy of “Love Actually” is reportedly in talks to play the restauranteur. Plus, the original production of “Skylight” ran in both England’s National Theatre and London’s West End before moving to Broadway, where it won a slew of Tony Awards.

Winslet has reportedly been working hard to clear her schedule in order to sign on officially.

“She’s in love with the play and would very much like to do it,” a source told the Daily Mail, before adding that because of “obstacles of a private nature” there is no “100 percent guarantee” that Winslet will be able to take the part.

It is also apparently up in the air whether “Skylight” would open in the West End or on Broadway this time around.

Here’s hoping things work out and that, if they do, New York gets the edge. I would love, love, love to see Winslet do her thang live.

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