Kate of the Week: Kate E. Stephenson, your intrepid trivia host

Kate E. StephensonBy Kate Torgovnick

There are so many fascinating Kates out there. And every week, Kate-book.com is resolving to introduce you to a new one. This week, I would like you to meet Kate E. Stephenson of Jersey City, New Jersey, who searches high and low to bring you new Kate-related facts every week in her amazing column, Trivia. On Wednesday, she’ll also be launching a new column called Book Club, bringing you interviews with appropriately-named authors. So without further ado, 13 questions with Kate.

So Kate E. Stephenson, what do you do?

I am a freelance communications specialist; I edit and write an endless variety of print and online media. I also help job seekers create interview worthy resumes and cover letters. In my blog, Lexicon, I pontificate on various issues that affect writers and job seekers in this economy and culture.

How did you get started?

I have been a writer since I could pick up crayons. I used to write on anything—napkins, receipts, paper bags, walls (until my mother “convinced” me that was unwise). It started as mostly poetry and musings. Then I discovered the fun of red-inking other people’s writing as the editor of my high school literary magazine. It solidified my path and I’ve never looked back.

What’s something you wish people knew or understood better about what you do?

It’s hard! I think that communication is such an ingrained activity that people just assume it’s easy. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Coming up with that awesome catch phrase or molding that perfect 160-character sound bite takes skill. A great deal of personal and general awareness is required to develop that kind of talent—whether in writing or in speech. I tip my hat to the greats who have made it look so easy.

In an ideal world, where making a living weren’t an issue, what would you be doing?

What I do now! I absolutely love what I do. It is a vocation, not just an occupation.

What’s a band, television show, book, or movie that you hope Kate-book readers will go watch, listen to, or read RIGHT NOW?

Television show: “Scandal” is my addiction right now. Amazing cast, intriguing plots, awesome soundtrack—what more can you ask?

What’s your favorite stop to make on a road trip?

Local food dives. I want to know all about the good stuff the locals eat. So I hunt out places that seem to have loads of people and cop cars out front. Yes, cops always know the best places to get grub.

Who is your celebrity doppelganger?

Dr. Bailey on “Grey’s Anatomy.” My father tells me quite proudly that she reminds him of me—small of stature but big in brains and large of heart.

What’s the first concert you ever went to?

My family is big on culture so we were always going to some kind of musical/theatrical event. I went to see Harry Belafonte in concert in Atlantic City when I was about 8 years old. We had front row tickets; Mr. Belafonte spit on me while singing—it was magical!

If you were forced to get a tattoo right at this moment, what would you get?

My knee jerk reaction is a budding rose, but how cliché! Part of the reason I don’t have a tattoo is because I haven’t found the right symbol yet.

What’s your favorite thing about your name?

I was named after one of the strongest women in my father’s life and it is a symbol of love and honor. Read all about her here.

Your least favorite thing about your name?

People are always trying to call me Katherine or Kaitlin or some other name because they assume my name is a nickname—it isn’t! (I actually had a rather heated verbal fight with my guidance counselor in grade school who swore I was a liar and my name was really Katherine.) I am not a nickname or a shortening. I am Kate, simple and straightforward, K-A-T-E.

Who is your favorite famous Kate?

Kate Hepburn. Classic, classy and authentically Kate.

Tell me about a Kate out there who you wish were a household name.

Me! LOL! Ok, so if I can’t vote for myself, I have an amazing artist/farmer friend named Kate Mrozicki who saved my life in college. Were it not for her being such an amazing roommate, I wouldn’t have made it through my freshman year. We bonded through our common name, then common morals and values, then over the amazing produce she grew in the college farm. She has, for the last six years or so, been educating people on organic farming and sustainable living. She, her art, and her passions are so worthy of widespread recognition.

Know a Kate, Caty, Katherine, or Catelynn who needs to be Kate of the Week? Awesome! Send me a tip at kate.torgovnick@gmail.com. I will be in touch with them soon.

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2 thoughts on “Kate of the Week: Kate E. Stephenson, your intrepid trivia host

  1. Kaitertot says:

    Dear Kate Stephenson,

    You are awesome.

    End of story.

    : )

  2. expliKate says:

    Having met this Kate– I can affirm that she is big in brains and large of heart!

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