Kate Moss accused of ripping off ad campaign

Kate Moss in ads for David Yurman and FredDavid Yurman Jewelers thinks that Kate Moss might have gone a little too far with imitation being the sincerest form of flattery.

A rep for the iconic jeweler shares with Page Six that a new set of photos promoting Moss’ line for French jeweler Fred looks an awful lot like photos shot of Moss for David Yurman’s spring 2011 collection.

And the images are pretty similar.

In one ad for David Yurman, Moss stares in the camera with extremely tousled hair and an arm slung across her shoulder, showing off a watch. In a similar image for Fred, a bed-headed Kate holds up an arm, this time showing off a bevy of rings.

In another David Yurman ad, Moss lies naked on a white sheepskin rug, propping her head up with an arm clad in multiple bracelets. In a new photo for Fred, Moss assumes the same pose, only on a brown rug. The only other difference is that, this time, she wears a pair of pants.

“The Fred campaign is embarrassingly similar to the one David Yurman ran a year ago,” a rep for David Yurman charges.

I agree, to an extent. While the poses and styling here are very similar, the images also bear a strong resemblance to photos I’ve seen … all the freaking time? I mean, the Fred campaign is a little close to the David Yurman one for comfort. But then again, this a type of photo I’ve seen often in fashion magazines, not to mention on assorted seasons of “America’s Next Top Model.”

What do you think?

Kate Moss in ads for David Yurman and Fred

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  1. [...] Moss appears to have burned a bridge with jeweler David Yurman, whose designs she was accused of ripping off earlier this year. She has been replaced by Gisele Bundchen as the face of the brand. [Huffington [...]

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