Kate Middleton single-handedly ruining Mustique Island

Aurora House, Mustique IslandKate Middleton has left her Prince behind to go on vacation with her family. The Middleton clan flew first class on Friday to Mustique Island in the Caribbean, where they are kicking back in a beachfront mansion, the Aurora House, which rents for a cool $23,000 per week. I can almost see James Middleton’s chest hair from here as he sips a pina colada in the villa’s infinity pool. I can almost hear Pippa Middleton’s squeals as her parents fail to guess her Pictionary drawing, while they spend an evening in the villa’s dining gazebo, complete with a stunning ocean view.

However, the Middletons’ presence isn’t so relaxing to the guests who are renting the other 74 villas on the private island, which is owned by the Mustique Company.

Sources share that the island is on lockdown thanks to beefed-up security.

Guests say that they have been questioned by security guards before accessing the island’s beaches. The island staff has also apparently locked up all the “mules,” aka golf carts, that are usually used to whiz around the car-free island. Vactioners have been told that to dine at one of the island’s two hotels, they will be escorted by a secure vehicle. Lest they try to go take a photo of Kate Middleton making a sand castle?

As one source told the Daily Mail, “This isn’t exactly the way one expects to be treated when you pay very good money to visit the most exclusive island in the Caribbean.”

Touché. Apparently, not even Jennifer Lopez or Mick Jagger have caused this much of an inconvenience while vacationing on the island.

Mustique beach-goers should probably be warned—Prince William is scheduled to join the Middletons at their villa any day now. And I can only imagine that security will get more tight from there.

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