Kate McKinnon may soon join the cast of “Saturday Night Live”

Kate McKinnon“Saturday Night Live” may soon be hiring its first Kate.

According to Deadline, with Kristen Wiig potentially leaving the show when her contract ends this summer, Lorne Michaels is hedging his bets and has started auditioning potential new cast members. Apparently, Michaels has already tested seven comedians, among them funny ladies Kate McKinnon, Jessica Joy, Lauren Lapkus, and Elaine Carroll. Deadline reports that McKinnon has the edge and may make her “SNL” debut as early as next weekend, as Sophia Vergara hosts.

That said, it’s not clear if Michaels has already given McKinnon the stamp of approval, or if he plans to test out others as well. But if she makes the cut, McKinnon would be “SNL”‘s 42nd female and second out lesbian player, as well as the show’s first Kate. One small step for “SNL,” one giant leap for Kate-kind.

So who is McKinnon? Good question.

McKinnon has performed at the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York, with the house sketch teams High Treason, Beneath Gristedes, Tremendous Machine, and Gramps. She’s also done several solo shows including “Disenchanted,” a look at over-the-hill fairytale characters, as well as a show called “Kate McKinnon on Ice.” Oh, and she starred in the first three seasons of LOGO’s “Big Gay Sketch Show,” produced by Rosie O’Donnell.

And for your viewing pleasure, some clips. Here’s McKinnon pretending to be a hoarder reading her will.

And here she is getting “Commitment Ceremonied”:

And finally, here she is in “Vag Magazine,” a spoof about women working at an ultra feminist magazine.

What do you think? Will McKinnon represent us well?
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