Fabri-Kate: Makeup and magnets = genius!

By Kathleen Neafsey

When moving my daughter into her dorm room earlier this month, I was astonished at the amount of “stuff” teenagers consider to be essential.  Everything had to go with her.  However, dorm rooms were not made to accommodate all the “essentials” of two teenage girls.  Although, I admit they have made it work for them, and that’s what counts!  Hence, this week’s project is born:  a hanging makeup organizer! I’ve seen similar ideas on other craft blogs, and decided to try my hand at one or two of my own. It’s a great way to make use of the vertical space in the room, and alleviate some of the clutter on top of the dresser – I only wish I had done one while she was still living at home!

You can express yourself so uniquely through this project so I’ll tell you the necessary supplies.  The rest will be up to you, and how you choose to modify it to make it your own.

  • Frame. I used an 11×14” frame, but the choice is yours.
  • Baking sheet. Use what fits best with the frame you’ve chosen—for me it was a flat 12×17 sheet . You can also purchase metal sheeting from a hardware store.
  • Strong adhesive. For holding the sheet onto the frame.
  • Magnets. Lots of magnets.
  • Glue. For attaching the magnets to the makeup.
  • Empty, clean medicine bottles. For holding brushes and pencils.
  • Paint, fabric, scrapbook or wrapping paper. Use your imagination!

Step One: Remove the glass from the frame and set it aside.  Paint the frame your color of choice.

Step Two: While the frame is drying, prep the metal sheet.  If there is a label on it, remove it and be sure there is no glue or residue left on the sheet.

For the organizers I’ve made here, I used scrapbooking paper (for the purple and black one), and wrapping paper (for the blue and black one) to cover the baking sheet.  You can use fabric, a favorite wrapping paper, newspaper—whatever moves you.  In fact, these are so easy to make that while I was making one for my daughter, I made one for her roommate as well.  I used Mod Podge to adhere the paper because I could use a sponge brush to apply it, and it goes on smoothly.  I thought that using another kind of white glue under the paper would leave lots of lumps and bumps.  Using Mod Podge also gives the advantage of having a few seconds to move the paper around and smooth it out if you notice any air bubbles underneath it … and I do mean “a few” so work quickly.

Step Three: Choose the makeup that you use most often, and glue a magnet to the back of each of them.  Simple tacky glue or Elmer’s will work for this – the beauty of these glues is that they’ll hold the items in place while you need them to, but can be easily removed to use the magnet again when you’re ready to replace an item.

Step Four: Paint, cover, or embellish the empty medicine bottles in whichever way you choose.  Attach a magnet to the back of each, or they can be glued directly on to the frame if you’d like.

Step Five: Once the paint has dried on the frame, you can attach the decorated / painted metal sheet to it using a strong adhesive such as Gorilla Glue or E-6000. It’s best to let it lay flat 24-48 hours before hanging it.

Step Six: Hang your organizer over the dresser, or the sink, or wherever you apply your makeup each day.

Now it’s time to put those magnets to work and make some room for more important things. In any case, this is so much fun because they’re meant to be one of a kind and  uniquely yours.

Fabri-Kate is a column running on Kate-book.com every other Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. It is written by the crafty Kathleen Neafsey, who wields a mean pair of scissors. Follow her on Twitter @dbmomkat and look for a brand new craft next time.

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3 thoughts on “Fabri-Kate: Makeup and magnets = genius!

  1. Roe Balas says:

    You’ve done it again Kathy! This is such a great use of wall space.

  2. Joan Roesch says:

    This one is a keeper!!!….Love it!…All my nieces are getting one for christmas…as a matter of fact…it makes for an awesome scout craft…Thanks Kath!

  3. Eileen McKinley says:

    Unbelievable! It was a fantastic idea!! I’m sure the girls will make good use of them. You never cease to amaze me dear sister;)

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