Fabri-Kate: Kisses and hugs for Valentine’s Day, plus a bit of trivia too!

By Kathleen Neafsey

Baby, it’s cold outside!  January is nearly over, and February is fast-approaching!  With that in mind, I wanted to make something new for Valentine’s Day. The idea for the craft came easily to me, but when writing this post, I got curious about the history of Valentine’s Day. Why do we exchange Valentines? And why do we use X’s and O’s as hugs and kisses? Overthink things much, Kath?

Although I went to Catholic school, and was taught by nuns, I don’t recall St. Valentine being one of the saints that we learned a lot about — of course, I went to grade school back when dinosaurs roamed the earth so it’s quite possible I’ve forgotten much of what I learned. Hence, the Google search — I won’t bore you with the minutiae of it all, but here is a sample of what I found – things that I never knew (or knew and forgot):

One story suggests that Valentine may have been killed for trying to help prisoners escape from harsh Roman prisons, where he had becomee a prisoner himself. History.com says: according to one legend, an imprisoned Valentine actually sent the first “valentine” greeting himself after he fell in love with a young girl–possibly his jailor’s daughter–who visited him during his confinement. Before his death, it is alleged that he wrote her a letter signed “From your Valentine,” an expression that is still in use today.  Whichever legend you choose to believe, Valentine is seen as a heroic, romantic figure. According to the Greeting Card Association, an estimated one billion Valentine’s Day cards are sent each year, making it the 2nd most popular card-sending holiday after Christmas!

As for the X’s and O’s – nearly all of the explanations I read agree that the X symbol refers to a Christian cross and dates back to the days of a less literate society, where marking an “X” on a document served as a signature.  The “X” was then sealed with a kiss as a sign of good faith.  It seems that the most agreed upon explanation for the “O” represents arms encircling another as an embrace.  There you have it, trivia you didn’t bargain for in a craft post!

Let’s go!  On to the easy-peasy wreath I’ve created. Let’s start with the supplies you’ll need:

Fabri-Kate #17 - X's and O's wreath 001

  • 14 inch straw wreath
  • 3 in wooden letters
  • Ribbon
  • Yarn
  • Paint – the colors I used here are Americana Baby Pink and Razzle Berry

Step One:

Paint the letters in your colors of choice; doing this step first will give the paint a chance to dry while you’re wrapping the wreath with ribbon and yarn.  I wasn’t happy with just painting the letters, I thought they looked kind of boring so – light bulb moment – I used some rubber stamps that I had, and stamped over the paint.  I like these much better. You could even decoupage some scrapbook paper onto the letters for a fun look too!

Fabri-Kate #17 - X's and O's wreath 009


Step Two:

Take the plastic off of the wreath and wrap it with ribbon.  At first, I began to wrap it with the yarn, but unless you want to be really precise about wrapping it, some of the straw is going to show through.  Instead, I tried wrapping it with the ribbon first, It doesn’t have to cover it completely, just enough that if the yarn is spotty in places you’ll see the ribbon underneath instead of the straw.  For me, it was a personal choice.  I liked the way it looked better than the straw peeking through the yarn.

Fabri-Kate #17 - X's and O's wreath 003

Next you’re going to wrap the yarn over the ribbon.  This is not difficult at all, and it goes quickly – don’t be discouraged by how tedious it seems at first.

Fabri-Kate #17 - X's and O's wreath 006

Step Three:

Choose the space that you will use as the top of the wreath and tie on the ribbon to be used for hanging. After that’s done you can choose the placement of the letters.

Step Four:

Once the paint has dried on the letters, hot glue them on to the wreath.  You’re done! I told you it would be easy!

Fabri-Kate #17 - X's and O's wreath 013

Here’s hoping that your Valentine’s Day is filled with kisses and hugs. Cheers!

Fabri-Kate is a column running on Kate-book.com every other Tuesday. It is written by the crafty Kathleen Neafsey, who wields a mean pair of scissors. Follow her on Twitter @dbmomkat and look for a brand new craft next time

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2 thoughts on “Fabri-Kate: Kisses and hugs for Valentine’s Day, plus a bit of trivia too!

  1. Roe Balas says:

    Love it Kathy! And the story about valentine’s Day!

  2. Eileen McKinley says:

    So cute! “It’s a great comfort to have an artistic sister.” (Louisa May Alcott) <3

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