Fabri-Kate: Here comes the bride!

By Kathleen Neafsey

I would be remiss if this week’s column was not wedding themed; simply because my niece, Megan, is getting married on Friday.  Naturally, there is a lot of hustle and bustle that surrounds this momentous occasion, not to mention trying to keep track of what’s done and what still needs to be done.  I was trying to think of what I could do to alleviate some of those last minute preparation concerns.  My thought was this:  Megan is going to need something to bring to the reception hall that will hold her makeup (as I’m sure it will need to be touched up at some point), flat shoes — for dancing — as well as a few other miscellaneous items.  She can give it to her mom, or perhaps her favorite aunt (hint!), to bring to the hall. And here you have it!

This project is super easy and quick.  If you’re ambitious, you could even make them for the whole bridal party. A big bonus is that the supply list is very small, depending on how you choose to embellish the bag.

Here is what you’ll need:

  • Canvas bag – these were $9.99 for three bags
  • Fabric paint pen
  • Embellishments of your choosing

Step One: Iron the bag – because I bought the three bags, they were folded into their packaging and had creases in them.

Step Two: Lay the bag on a flat surface and place a piece of cardboard or large envelope inside, to keep the paint from going through the fabric.

Step Three: Using a blank sheet of paper, draw your design and place it on the bag to check the fit and placement.  The beading embellishments I used were very cool, in that I could cut around the designs I wanted, and lay them out on the bag to see which way I’d like it to look.

Step Four: I wasn’t sure exactly what kind of paint I wanted to use, so when I was in the craft store I purchased both fabric paint pens and a fabric paint that came in a bottle.  Before I set my pen to fabric, I tried them on a piece of cardboard.  The paint in the bottle had more dimension to it, and I didn’t really care for the thickness of it — not to mention the fact that bottle said it takes four hours to dry. The fabric paint pen was much easier to use, and definitely felt more comfortable for me.  If you’re not sure which one you’d like to use, try them out first and see which one you like better.

Step Five: Draw your design and/or lettering on the bag in pencil — the beauty of this is that you can erase on the canvas, and try again if you don’t like it. Then you’re ready to write with the paint pens! I found it easier to do the writing first, then the embellishing.  You may opt to do it the other way around — it’s your choice. Once I had done the writing with the black pen, I sort of highlighted it with the purple.

Step Six: Embellishing!  I chose the purple flowers to represent the color that the bridesmaids are wearing.  The beads/sequins that are shown here are self-adhesive and made so that each design can be pulled from the plastic backing in one piece. You don’t need to place each bead individually. (Yay!) Just work slowly, and be patient, when removing them from the plastic backing.  The rest is up to you, and how you choose to decorate the tote.  Have fun!


Fabri-Kate is a column running on Kate-book.com every other Tuesday. It is written by the crafty Kathleen Neafsey, who wields a mean pair of scissors. Follow her on Twitter @dbmomkat and look for a brand new craft next time.


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4 thoughts on “Fabri-Kate: Here comes the bride!

  1. Eileen McKinley says:

    Great Idea! Love it.

  2. Roe Balas says:

    This idea is extra special! I’m sure Megan is really gonna be glad you thought of it! So pretty too!

  3. Kelly Ann says:

    What a beautiful bride!

  4. debbie says:

    congrats to Megan ! and what a great idea !

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