Fabri-Kate: Colors and patterns…..changing it up once again!

By:  Kathleen Neafsey

To borrow part of a quote from Isaac Asimov, “the only constant is change….” This is true for me in the sense that I like to change things up at home now and then.  In a previous post I explained that I change my throw pillows and accessories around the house, generally with the change of seasons.  It’s not so much that I get bored, I like colors and patterns so I try to incorporate them into my living space when I can. My latest change was to move some furniture around in the living room; however, that left me with a big empty wall. Ew.


Now the dilemma was what to put on that wall.  I didn’t want to spend a lot of money because, let’s face it, I’m only going to change it again at some point.  I scoured Pinterest for ideas,  Here’s my take on an idea I found there.  This idea called for nine canvases.  My trip to the craft store yielded a much less expensive alternative to the canvases:  foam board.
One 20×30 inch piece of foam board was $2.99, and I was able to cut six 10 inch squares from it. Definitely the better bargain!  Here’s what you’ll need for this project:


* 20×30 inch foam poster board – I used two in order to get eight 10 inch squares
* Scrapbooking, wrapping, or any decorative paper of your choice; enough to cover your squares
* Clear, heavy-duty shipping tape
* Utility or Craft knife
* Yard stick
* Command brand poster strips for hanging

Step One:
Using the yardstick, measure six-10 inch squares on the foam board,  Cut into individual squares using the utility knife.


Step Two:
Center the square onto the paper and flip over.  Begin folding up the sides of the paper as if you were wrapping a gift, and tape onto the back of the board.  My original plan was to cut the paper to fit the board and use ModPodge to adhere it.  That changed when I cut the board and saw how ratty the edges were.  I like my amended idea better; it allows me to change the papers at a later date without having to buy new materials.


Step Three:
Place an adhesive strip at the top and bottom of each square and they’re ready to hang!  Before you hang them, try your layout on the floor or another flat surface.  There you have it!


The hardest part of this craft, for me, was choosing the colors and papers that I wanted.  It’s easy, versatile, and makes no mess at all.  This works well for apartment or dorm living, where it’s not in your best interest to leave holes in the walls.  I’m already thinking about the reds and oranges that I can use in the Fall!

Have fun with it, and make it your own!  Until next time, enjoy your Spring – hopefully the weather will catch up with the calendar soon!

Fabri-Kate is a column running on Kate-book.com every other Tuesday. It is written by the crafty Kathleen Neafsey, who wields a mean pair of scissors. Follow her on Twitter @dbmomkat and look for a brand new craft next time

2 thoughts on “Fabri-Kate: Colors and patterns…..changing it up once again!

  1. Roe balas says:

    These are very pretty! Could you use material if you wanted to? Great idea!

  2. Eileen says:

    Looks great! Great choice of papers..

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