Celebrate Kate and William’s first anniversary with stale cake, a wack mug, and “Crown Jewels” condoms

Kate Middleton and Prince William wedding anniversaryYesterday, Kate Middleton and Prince William celebrated their first year as a married couple. Reports say that the two went ultra low-key, staying in for the night. “William is cooking for them,” a source told Grazia magazine before the big night. “They’ll probably watch a DVD and reflect on the past year … It’s not very glamorous, but they’re very happy.”

So how did the rest of the world celebrate? By buying lots of bizarre crap! After the jump, a few insane items that are available for purchase to celebrate this royal anniversary.

PFC Auctions graciously listed a piece William and Kate’s wedding cake for an opening bid of $162. Don’t worry—the year-old piece of cake comes in a commemorative tin, so should be fresh as the day it was baked. [Fashionista.com]

Guadong Enterprises has made this delightful mug to commemorate the joining of Prince WIlliam and Kate Middleton a year ago. Too bad they pictured Prince Harry instead. [Fashionista.com]

And why not celebrate the occasion by purchasing some William and Kate-themed prophylactics. Yep, the company Crown Jewels is still offering their condoms which “promise a royal union of pleasure.” [CrownJewels.com]

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