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A Dear Kate Letter to the Readers


By Katharine Luckinbill

Dear Readers,

Tomorrow, April 19th, marks the first anniversary of this column and my first year as an officially published writer. Over the past year, I have been included in some of your funniest, most moving and most honest moments, and every single one has been an honor and a pleasure to be a part of. Each of you let me into your lives and entrusted me with advising you on everything from whether you were too old for a bikini wax to coming out of the closet for the first time. You wrote in, tweeted, texted, emailed and commented with your own thoughts and advice. You made the column what it is and for that I am truly grateful.

When I first applied for this position to the fabulous Kate Torgovnick, I had no idea how much I would grow to love being your “Dear Kate”. I also had no idea how difficult it would be sometimes when I was thrown a truly hard-hitting question and had to be absolutely unbiased to give you the best advice possible. I did not ever take it lightly that your final decision could very possibly rest in my hands. I truly hope that I have done right by all of you – as you have done by me.

So – looking back on the best thing that happened in my life this past year I wanted to share some recaps of my favorite seven columns of the last year with you and how they helped me in my own life through writing each of them. (Also peppered in will be some of my favorite graphics from the whole site over the past year)

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Kate Middleton has a shoe malfunction, gets competitive over Scrabble

By Kate Torgovnick

Kate Middleton sure could have used the luck of a shamrock yesterday. The Duchess of Cambridge managed to get her heel stuck in a grate while attending the rainy St. Patrick’s Day parade at Aldershot Barracks. In this amazing photo, Prince William lends his wife a hand as she bends down to free her shoe. Meanwhile, the guy across from them doesn’t break his salute.

In other adorable royal couple news, rumor has it that this pair does fight about one thing—Scrabble. The pair’s pal, boxer Anthony Ogogo, has squealed in a documentary, “When William and Kate play Scrabble they don’t usually finish it – because one of them slams it shut.”

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Kate Hudson makes her parents proud


By Kaitlin Marie

You’re never too grown up or too famous to make your parents proud, as Kate Hudson proved recently. Her appreciative parents — actress Goldie Hawn and actor Kurt Russel — were caught this weekend snapping a few photos in front an enormous poster of their daughter in an Ann Taylor display in downtown New York.

Kate, who skyrocketed to fame after her Oscar-nominated performance in 2001′s Almost Famous, has since starred in numerous films and been the postergirl for a myriad cosmetic lines and beauty products. It’s heartwarming to see such a typical display of pride an affection coming from a family that’s no stranger to fame and fortune.

Stars: they’re just like us! Right?

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Happy 39th birthday, Kate Moss!


By Kate Torgovnick

I would like to wish Kate Moss a very, very happy birthday. The supermodel—and one of patron saints of this website—turned 39 yesterday. How did she celebrate her birthday? With a trip to the pub with hubby Jamie Hince.

To Moss, the only woman who can work sequins and glitter at the same time. Love Kate, too? Check out’s favorite of her 32 Vogue covers >>

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The reviews are in on Kate Middleton’s portrait. Harsh or fair?


The first official portrait of Kate Middleton was unveiled on Friday at the National Portrait Gallery. And, well the reactions haven’t been so good so far. Here are some samplings:

“How [has Kate Middleton] been transformed into something unpleasant from the Twilight franchise? The first thing that strikes you about Middleton’s visage as it looms from the sepulchral gloom of her first official portrait is the dead eyes: a vampiric, malevolent glare beneath heavy lids. Then there’s the mouth: a tightly pursed, mean little lip-clench (she is, presumably, sucking in her fangs). And god knows what is going on with the washed-out cheeks: she appears to be nurturing a gobbet of gum in her lower right cheek.” [The Guardian]

“WILLIAM and Kate expressed themselves ‘delighted’ with the Duchess’s first official portrait.Really? I thought it made her look decades older, painting non-existent wrinkles and shadows under the eyes. Our future queen was portrayed in a severe blue blouse with a pussycat bow. It may have been the height of chic for Margaret Thatcher back in 1984 but it made Kate appear to be somebody’s maiden aunt.” [The Sun]

“They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This one is only worth two, and neither of them is fit for polite conversation. At least he got her hair right. As one of my friends joked on Twitter, ‘So this whole Kate Middleton thing is a Picture of Dorian Gray scenario, right?’” [Washington Post]

”She’s the most vibrant, photogenic woman in Britain, winning over even the most cynical observers with her sense of style, her broad, open smile and common touch. So artist Paul Emsley has managed quite a feat making the future Queen look like a dowdy 45-year-old. This horrible, soft-lens style painting – which the Duchess emerges from in an almost ghostly way – robs her of any of the sparkle and life she is loved for.” [The Daily Mirror]

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Kate Middleton’s face … in jelly beans


By Kate Torgovnick

Any day now, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton‘s portrait is set to be unveiled at the National Portrait Gallery. And the Daily Mail is already poised to hate it. To stave off inevitable disappointment, the newspaper instead commissioned their own portraits of Kate, asking a variety of artists (and, well, a 4-year-old) to create their own Middleton likenesses.

The image above, created by Malcolm West is by far our favorite. Why? Because it is made of 5,000 jelly —in 20 different flavors. Pink grapefruit was apparently the artist’s favorite for capturing Middleton’s rosy visage. “It’s a fiddly, messy process,” West says of creating the portrait. “But I’m very pleased with the results.”

Us, too.

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The Week in Kate: Katie Couric’s holiday sweater, Kate Moss’ newest pic

Katie Couric holiday sweater

By Kate Torgovnick

As per usual, it looks like the Kates, Katies, Catherines, and Katys of the world have been mighty busy this week. Here, your weekly roundup of name-specific news.

  • Katie Couric wins the award for Best Holiday Sweater. [Daily Mail]
  • Kate Middleton and Prince William bucked royal tradition and attended Christmas services at St. Marks Church in Englefield with Middleton’s family. [ABC News]
  • Middleton, naturally, makes her Christmas cards by hand. Or at least, used to? [Huffington Post]
  • Middleton’s nose has apparently become the most-requested celebrity body part at plastic surgery clinics in the UK. [The Sun]
  • A detailed explanation of why Katherine Heigl does not appear in “This is 40,” the sort-of sequel to “Knocked Up.” [Hollywood Reporter]
  • In this interview, Heigl calls adopting second daughter Adalaide “serendipitous.” Apparently, she thought the process would take years, but got a surprise call from her lawyer just four weeks after filing paperwork. [Yahoo Movies]
  • Maybe being a bikini model is actually harder than it sounds. Kate Upton stripped down for a photo shoot in Antarctica, with the thermometer creeping to minus 35 degrees Celcius. [Mirror]
  • Looks like Katie Holmes had to work the day after Christmas, too. Here she is on her way into the Music Box Theater for a post-Christmas performance of “Dead Accounts.” [Celebrity Gossip]
  • Holmes told David Letterman all about blanking on her lines during a performance of the show. [Us Weekly]
  • Tom Cruise appears to be moving on after his divorce from Holmes. He was reportedly seen dirty dancing with Cynthia Jorge, a Queens native who slipped the actor her number while he was dining at the Lower East Side restaurant where she works. [NY Daily News]
  • Meanwhile, spies say that Holmes was flirting with a mystery man at a party who then walked her home. Her rep, however, says that this was her gay best friend. [NY Daily News]
  • A great Q&A with super-producer Kathleen Kennedy, who is hoping for an Oscar for “Lincoln.” []
  • John Mayer reportedly spent the holidays with Katy Perry and her family. He even let Perry snap a photo of him in a Santa suit. [Huffington Post]
  • Sadly, sources say that Mayer may still be keeping things going with a friend with benefits. [Perez Hilton]
  • Perry says it would be beyond her wildest dreams to be nominated for an Oscar for her song “Wide Awake.” She tells USA Today, “When I was growing up and working on music, it was always a dream to win a Grammy, but Oscar was so far out of my dream sphere.”
  • Meanwhile, Kate Hudson shares that her family’s holiday traditions include making snowmen and hot chocolate in Aspen, Colorado. [Us Weekly]
  • She was seen exiting an Aspen grocery store doing an impressive bag-balancing job. [Perez Hilton]

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Kate Winslet marries Ned Rocknroll! So will she become Kate Rocknroll?

Kate Winslet marries Ned Rocknroll

Stop the presses! Kate Winslet is once again a married woman.

According to the Daily Mail, Winslet tied the knot with boyfriend Ned Rocknroll in a secret service in New York earlier this month. The ceremony was so hush-hush that her parents reportedly had no idea it was happening—apparently the only people to witness the nuptials were Winslet’s children and a handful of friends. Including one Leonardo DiCaprio, who gave Winslet away in the wedding ceremony.

This is Winslet’s third marriage. She said “I do” to Jim Threapleton in 1998. They had a daughter together—Mia—but divorced in 2001. In 2003, Winslet married director Sam Mendes, also in a secret ceremony. Sadly, the pair separated in 2010. They also had one child together, Joe.

Not too, too much is known about Ned Rocknroll. He is the nephew of Richard Branson, and works for his latest venture — Virgin Galactic, which will (maybe soon?) offer flights to space. Born Abel Smith, Rocknroll had just separated from wife Eliza Cowdray when he met Winslet, possibly on the Necker Island trip in which Winslet saved Branson’s mother from a house fire.

Winslet’s spokesperson has confirmed that Winslet is a married woman, and that she and Rocknroll have been engaged since the summer. We wish these two a very happy life together and are secretly hoping that she decides to take his last name. Even if it lacks some hyphens.

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Kate Moss mistakes beach for the jungle. Or maybe thinks she’s a cheetah?


Kate Moss is very into leopard print on the beach. And she is also apparently very committed to the cause of finding the strangest beach ensemble ever. Last week, she amazed us by combining and neon yellow top and striped bathing suit bottoms with a leopard print belt. But over the weekend, she confused us even more with this retro leopard print bikini — possibly not coordinating — with a floral jacket. Why is she choosing these options for the beach? And what’s up the eyeliner? How does it sat on in the waves?

So, so many questions.

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Kat Von D accepts a Twitter marriage proposal


By Kate Torgovnick

Kat Von D, who rose to fame on the TLC shows “Miami Ink” and “LA Ink,” is incredibly good at creating lifelike portrait tattoos. She is not, however, so good at saying no to marriage proposals that need quick shooting down.

Von D became known in circles who don’t watch TV shows about the art of tattooing when she began dating Jesse James soon after it was discovered that he had brashly and repeatedly cheated on Sandra Bullock. It took less than a year for Von D and James — both heavily inked motorcycle enthusiasts — to get engaged.

James gushed to People, “You know sometimes the public and press gets it wrong. This is one of those times. 2010 was actually the best year of my life because I fell in love with my best friend. An amazing woman who stood behind me when the world turned their backs … So honored that she said ‘yes.’ Growing old with her is going to be a f—-n’ blast!”

Soon after, Von D revealed that they were done. Why? Because James cheated on her — with no less than 19 girls. Yeah, we could have told her that would happen.

In September, Von D began dating Deadmau5, the Canadian DJ who performs with a robotic mouse head. (Real name: Joel Zimmerman.) Shortly after they got together, Deadmau5 requested a star tattoo on his face to match Von D’s. But the pair broke up in November.

And then on Saturday night, Deadmau5 proposed to Von D over Twitter, which in our mind is a few notches below a Jumbotron. His message itself also wasn’t very romantic.

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The (two) Week(s) in Kate: Kate Moss’ bizarre beach get-up, Kate Middleton’s nurse commits suicide following prank

Kate Moss at beach

By Kate Torgovnick

It’s been a very busy two weeks. And while it meant that I wasn’t able to bring you the Week in Kate last week, I am making up for it with a special double edition today. It looks like the other Kates, Katies, Catherines and Katys of the world have been equally busy. Here, your roundup of name-specific news from the past two weeks.

  • Can anyone here explain to me Kate Moss‘ beachwear in this shot taken in St. Barts this week? I just don’t get it. [Daily Mail]
  • After a four-day stay, Kate Middleton left the hospital where she was being treated for acute morning sickness. Of course, her hair looked perfect. [CBS News]
  • While Middleton was in the hospital, two Australian radio DJs prank called her hospital and were patched through and given actual medical information about the Duchess. The two DJs quickly issued a public apology. [NBC News]
  • But sadly, the nurse who connected their call committed suicide just days after the incident. [Huffington Post]
  • Apparently, the nurse left three suicide notes. [NDTV]
  • Singer Morrisey bizarrely blames Middleton for the incident, which just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. [NY Daily News]
  • Meanwhile, Prince William attended The Hobbit premiere without Kate. Did I mention the movie was AWESOME? [CBS News]
  • Jessica Hay is at it again. The one-time roommate of Kate Middleton says that she and Prince William will be very “hands on” parents. []
  • Yay! The royal family has reinstated their holiday staff party, which was discontinued in 2010. [Showbiz Spy]
  • Meanwhile, Kate’s wedding dress designer—Sarah Burton, creative director of Alexander McQueen—hopes to design the Duchess’ maternity gear. [USA Today]
  • And speaking of Kate’s closet, sister Pippa Middleton showed up to a book party in a purple peplum dress that the Huffington Post dubbed “a misguided attempt” to channel her sister.
  • Mega producer Kathleen Kennedy shares why it took 13 years to make Lincoln, and why she considers it a thriller. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Katie Lee, i.e. Billy Joel’s ex, is now casually dating Russell Crowe. [Daily Mail]
  • Kate Hudson says she usually takes 5 to 15 minutes to get ready in the morning. So jealous. [Just Jared]
  • Ugh, Hudson also apparently starts her holiday shopping in October. Who is this woman and why is she so efficient? [Us Weekly]
  • In case you missed last week’s awesome episode of Glee (I am so back on the New Directions bus), Kate Hudson and Lea Michele performed “All That Jazz,” like Catherine Zeta-Jones and Renee Zellweger before them. This video rocks. [Perez Hilton]
  • Miss Kathleen introduces us to the World’s Strongest Librarian. [Mental Floss]
  • Katie Holmes has been named as having the Best Revenge Body of 2012. No, I still do not understand the term “revenge body.” [SF Gate]
  • Well, Holmes did look stunning in purple at the 12-12-12 Hurricane Sandy Relief concert at Madison Square Garden. Purple? Bold choice! [Celebrity Gossip]
  • The night before, Holmes hit a gala party with champagne in one hand and Diet Coke in the other. [Us Weekly]
  • Katie Collier is sitting on the sidelines, watching her University of Washington teammates play. She has a knee injury. [Seattle Times]
  • Kate Upton has inspired a song called “Body.” [Daily Beast]
  • She also stars in this Bruce Weber film for Vogue Germany to the tune of “It Had To Be You.” [E! Online]
  • Upton looks dashing on the cover of British Vogue. [Business Insider]
  • And Kate Upton was also the 6th most-searched person in the U.S. this year. [Time]
  • The BBC’s new head of drama is one Kate Harwood. [The Guardian]
  • Katy Perry may soon be an Oscar nominee. The California Girl is on the Academy Award shortlist for Best Original Song for the track “Part of Me,” released with her concert movie last summer. Cool, but I think that’s cheating. [CelebBuzz]
  • Meanwhile, Yoko Ono performed covers Perry’s “Firework.” [After Elton]
  • Perry incites ire when she says “I’m not a feminist.” [Slate]
  • And admits that she almost always wears Spanx. [USA Today]
  • Oh no! Katy Perry had to duck to avoid ex-husband Russell Brand at lunch. [Us Weekly]
  • Thought Catalog explains “How to be Mary-Kate Olsen.” Their piece begins: “Dress like an unmade bed. Wear a bush as a sweater. Wear a teepee as a coat. Lie on the side of the road and let a car mow over the edges of your outfit.”
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Kate Winslet under fire for endorsing drug legalization. Which, she didn’t?

By Kaitlin Marie

Kate Winslet is experiencing some reefer madness, and not in a fun way! The Oscar-winning Winslet appeared in a 17-second video clip promoting the film of her boyfriend’s cousin. The film, titled Breaking the Taboo, is a documentary exploring the failure of the current war on drugs and whether or not decriminalizing recreational drug use is a viable option to end it.

While not in the film itself, Winslet, along with a laundry list of celebrities including Sting and Yoko Ono,  endorsed the documentary in a short video clip. She is now under fire for supposedly endorsing the legalisation of all drugs.

While it seems clear that Winslet’s involvement was mostly a favor to her boyfriend’s uncle and cousin, the 37-year-old actress’s endorsement of the film is being called “silly and irresponsible” by an anti-cannibas group.

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