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Must see exhibit: Katharine Hepburn dressed for stage and screen

By Kate Torgovnick

Katharine Hepburn was apparently a pack-rat. Over the course of her career, she kept nearly all her costumes, from “Little Women” to “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” to 1981′s “On Golden Pond.” Many of the exquisite pieces are on view starting tomorrow at the New York Library for the Performing Arts in the exhibit “Katharine Hepburn: Dressed for Stage or Screen.”

In addition to her more well-known costumes, one of the main attractions is the wedding gown Hepburn wore for her first major Broadway role, in “The Lake” in 1933, a total flop. And while the dresses are beautiful, there are of course also pants on display, as Hepburn is almost single-handedly responsible for co-opting them into women’s wardrobes. She famously said, “Anytime I hear a man say he prefers a woman in a skirt, I say, ‘Try one. Try a skirt.’”

Also on display: Hepburn’s false eyelashes, reports the Associated Press.

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Kate Upton vogues

By Kate Torgovnick

No silly, I don’t mean in a Madonna way. I mean that Kate Upton is in the new issue of Vogue, as photographed by the amazing Steven Meisel. And she looks pretty darn beautiful.

The article trods the well-worn narrative of Upton’s quick rise to fame. The lede reads, “Until Kate Upton came along, the standard procedure for breaking into fashion had pretty much stood the test of fashion time. You walk the runways, starting with smaller shows. You get noticed, maybe land an editorial shoot, which might lead to walking for more established designers, which then might lead to an appearance in a designer’s advertising campaign, for instance, and more editorial work. When things start to get planetary, a cosmetics contract could come your way … But now here comes Upton, doing a reverse commute.”

But there are some surprises. For example, did you know that Upton is the niece of Michigan congressman Fred Upton? Me neither! Or that her mom was a state tennis champion in Texas?

After the jump, a few more of Meisel’s images.

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Obsessed with: Kate Hudson, lady in red

Kate Hudson at amfAR

A red dress is always a bold look. But Kate Hudson has really taken things to the next level with this insanely gorgeous gown that she wore Thursday night, to amfAR’s third annual gala. Not only does the dress feature daring cleavage and a sexy mermaid fit, but the cut-out shoulders feels so origami gone right. Absolutely love this look.

Here’s wishing that Katy Perry had taken a style lesson from her friend before getting ready for the evening. Find out why after the jump.

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Kate’s Television Musings: Yet More Reason to Love “Parenthood”

By Kate Emswiler

After crying through yet another “Parenthood” scene last week, I wanted to write a Kate-book post about the show’s top 10 tear-jerkiest moments.  But once I started, my list went well beyond 10 and was, well, terribly sad.  Usually the show manages to strike a fine balance between humor and heart, but a list of all the intensely emotional parts was just too much poignancy to bear.  So I figured I’d focus on this one recent scene that had me in such a face-crumply state.

SPOILER ALERT:  The following will contain references to recent episodes of “Parenthood” so you should not venture into it if you haven’t watched these episodes and would like to keep the mystery alive.

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All about Kate Spade’s apartment

By Kate TorgovnickKate Spade

In my mind, I imagined that designer Kate Spade lived in an abode full of whimsical wallpapers, polka dots and bright colors. And it appears that I may not be that far off. Spade chatted with the Kansas City Star (apparently, she is from Kansas City) about her home—the third floor of a Manhattan apartment building built in 1910.

It’s very open, and it’s on a corner. Windows wrap the apartment,” says Spade. “It was a wreck. The guy who had lived there had been there for 40 years. No one had taken down the molding, which we appreciated. We didn’t move any walls, like we’ve seen a lot of people do. Why would you mess with such a great layout?”

So what home decor is Spade absolutely crazy for? Lamps, the designer shares.

“I love lamps. I can’t stand overhead lighting. I have to have everything on a dimmer. In the morning, it’s on bright. It’s cheery. When the day goes on, the light gets a little lower,” she says. “I like lampshades to be pleated and made out of fabric. And I like paper ones when they’re gold-lined — it’s such pretty light.”

Somehow, I sense a home line coming out of this interview.

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Fabri-Kate: Makeup and magnets = genius!

By Kathleen Neafsey

When moving my daughter into her dorm room earlier this month, I was astonished at the amount of “stuff” teenagers consider to be essential.  Everything had to go with her.  However, dorm rooms were not made to accommodate all the “essentials” of two teenage girls.  Although, I admit they have made it work for them, and that’s what counts!  Hence, this week’s project is born:  a hanging makeup organizer! I’ve seen similar ideas on other craft blogs, and decided to try my hand at one or two of my own. It’s a great way to make use of the vertical space in the room, and alleviate some of the clutter on top of the dresser – I only wish I had done one while she was still living at home!

You can express yourself so uniquely through this project so I’ll tell you the necessary supplies.  The rest will be up to you, and how you choose to modify it to make it your own.

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Trivia: A wood polish by the name of Kate

Kate, Eco-Me Wood Polish

By Kate E. Stephenson

Wonders never cease to amaze and the associations of the name Kate never cease to wonder. Having found our own personal nail polish, clock, underwear, and apple (not to mention the hard cider made from it), I wondered what else out there had been given our nameand supplied especially for our use. This I did not expect, but now that I look at my vast book shelves, cherry floors, and walnut finish desk, I can definitely use it!

I introduce Eco-Me Wood Polish, Kate:

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Obsessed with: Kate Spade bow ties and gingham nails

Kate Spade spring 2013 bow coat

By Kate Torgovnick

My favorite part of New York Fashion Week? Why, the Kate Spade show, of course! Spade’s spring 2013 collection is all about bright colors, adorable cuts and, of course, bow ties. I am a little too obsessed with this bow tie coat, worn over a striped dress. So chic!  [Fashionista]

Oh, but there are two more great looks after the jump, including a bow tie dress and a set of gingham fingernails to match another adorable romper.

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Dear Kate: I hate it when my bra straps show! Help!!

Dear-Kate-column-identityBy Katharine Luckinbill

Dear Kate,

I’m seriously not sure if I’m just a prude but I really hate seeing the bra straps through my dress or shirt, but it seems like bra manufacturers and clothes designers are not conferring with each other. No matter what I do, they always seem to peek out. Is it acceptable these days to just let them be loose? Do you have any good tips on how to rock my summer clothes and support “the ladies” without this fashion faux pas?




Dear Strapped,

You are so totally NOT a prude. I absolutely hate it when my bra straps show – even if they are the exact same color as my shirt or dress – it’s just a little tacky. So I think you just have good sense!

Racerback tops are extremely flattering on most body types, so it’s extremely frustrating when you have to see these ugly straps showing outside the boundaries of your tank! It’s the “whale tail” of the top half!

Even the classiest and the trashiest celebs fall victim to this fashion faux pas!

Also, let’s be honest, those little clear plastic straps are an uncomfortable pain in the butt, and strapless bras are a joke if you have anything larger than a 30AA.

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Catherine’s Glass Slipper Project is a “borrow boutique” for women who can’t afford fancy formalwear

By Kate Torgovnick

Catherine Vicks of Yuma, Arizona, is something like a fairy godmother. Last year, she heard about a high school girl who was skipping her prom because she couldn’t afford to buy a dress. It reminded her of her own experience in high school, when she felt left out for being less affluent.

“It just kept tugging at my heart that if there’s one girl out there, then there has to be others,” Vicks explained to KSWT News.

Vicks had a novel idea — what if she could create a “borrow boutique” with an assortment of dresses for proms, military balls, weddings, quinceañeras, beauty pageants, birthday parties and more, where women in need can borrow a piece rather than pay hundreds for frilly finery they’d only wear once.

“I posted a plea on my Facebook profile. It was magic!” Vicks tells the Yuma Sun. “I soon had 10 gowns to pick from. That is how Catherine’s Glass Slipper Project was born, right at my kitchen table.”

A year later, Vicks has 400 dresses — donated both locally and nationally — in her boutique, which for the moment is also her basement. But Vicks hopes to find a better space soon for her collection soon, and is working on making it an official non-profit.

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Obsessed with: Winter Kate leather skirts and pants

By Kate Torgovnick

Last spring, I sang the praises of Nicole Richie’s fashion line, Winter Kate. And now I am thoroughly in love with the brand’s fall collection. The theme: gauzy blouses paired with leather bottoms. I totally adore the sweet-yet-tough vibe of this laser cut leather skirt, which looks awesome in both black and tan. See Nicole rocking the black version herself after the jump.

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Check out Kate WInslet’s apartment


When I heard that Kate Winslet was putting her New York City apartment up for rent, my first instinct was to make an appointment with the listing agents, stat, just to get a little bit closer to the patron saint of this website. But with the $30,000 per month rent — which is, oh, about 30 times my budget — I was worried that the real estate agency would see right through me. So I am pretty thrilled to see that images of the apartment are now available online. Thanks AOL Real Estate.

According to the New York Daily News, Winslet purchased the apartment with then-husband Sam Mendes in 2004, for $4.995 million. When the couple split in 2010, Winslet remained in the four-bedroom apartment with their two children, Mia and Joe. While Winslet is not currently occupying the 3,300 square foot crib — which boasts a super sized terrace — she is looking to rent it out.

After the jump, a mini tour.

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