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Trivia: Meet Kate Boggiano, Custom Clothing for Women

Kate Boggiano BlousesBy Kate E. Stephenson

This week’s Trivia comes in a little late, but I tell you it’s a find. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are becoming more and more aware of a major reason for our recent economic downturn—manufacturing. While the United States has maintained its dominance in many areas of industrial manufacturing and engineering, the everyday consumer had all but forgotten what it was like to see a Made in USA sticker.

World News with Diane Sawyer started a segment a few years ago called Made in America that brought this phenomenon into the primetime spotlight. Items that we use all the time like our clothing, eye glasses (yes, I’m a nerd), cell phones, electronics, furniture, tableware (the list goes on and on…) all seem to announce themselves born in China, in all her various provinces. Alas, even most designer brands have outsourced to Chinese production (take a look in your most recent clothing by and tell me it ain’t so…).

But there are still champions of domestic production and craftsmanship. And one of them is named Kate.Kate Boggiano

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Trivia: Hannah Kate

Hannah Kate pink dress

By Kate E. Stephenson

Just in time for Spring, I have found the cutest little people fashion line—Hannah Kate. If you are looking for a modern Easter outfit or just simply versatile, wearable, kid-friendly clothing, Hannah Kate is a company to watch. The 2013 Spring/Summer line revisits fashion trends of the 50s, 60s and 70s in a refreshed, funky, contemporary way that melds bell bottom cotton pants, flower power prints, always chic neutrals, simple shifts, and wacky kid colors together to Continue reading

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Trivia: Kate Upton in Antarctica

Kate Upton, Antarctica

By Kate E. Stephenson

Kate Upton seems to make waves wherever she goes. Her sexy vitality is usually the object of intense curiosity. However, in this particular case, I wasn’t as curious about how Ms. Upton’s considerable endowments were to be displayed, but where. This time Kate has shimmied down to her skivvies in a most unlikely spot, one  of the most frigid places on earth. The 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition includes alluring shots of the celebrated model taken in the frozen tundra of… yes, Antarctica! Continue reading

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Obsessed with: Kate Moss on the cover of W Magazine

March-cover-1-Kate-MDX-1000wBy Kate Torgovnick

Just last Wednesday, Kaitlin Williams bemoaned what’s felt like a never-ending winter. But it seems like spring might finally be ready to be sprung. I say this because, last night, we set the clocks forward, anticipating the time of year when the sun doesn’t drop at 5pm sharp. And there was another surefire sign today—as I walked past the newsstand, I couldn’t help but notice this gorgeous image of Kate Moss, hair bedecked in flowers, peering at me from the cover of W Magazine. Wow, Kate just  knows how to shoot a magazine cover, doesn’t she?

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Fabri-Kate: Easy, quick, and uniquely yours – DIY earring holder

DSCF2595By Kathleen Neafsey

February is nearly over!  Short month, so short project — this is, by far, the easiest project that I’ve done!  The supply list is also super-short … two items, to be precise! Here’s the background on how this came to be: I’ve had this earring holder; I don’t know where it came from or how it ever made it into my house, but I have it.

Neither of my daughters claims to have ever owned it, but one day I came across it and I needed one, so I started to use it. As you can see by the photo, it’s pretty juvenile, but it served a purpose, sadly, I went with it.  For years I’ve been saying that I’m going to replace it, but haven’t found anything that I liked enough. I’m finally at the point where I just can’t stand looking at it anymore, and have been on the hunt for something new, so I’ve been scouring DIY blogs for inspiration.  Who knew there could be so many variations of earring holders?! Here’s the one I chose because it looked simple, and can be easily adapted to match your style and decor.

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Kate Moss mistakes beach for the jungle. Or maybe thinks she’s a cheetah?


Kate Moss is very into leopard print on the beach. And she is also apparently very committed to the cause of finding the strangest beach ensemble ever. Last week, she amazed us by combining and neon yellow top and striped bathing suit bottoms with a leopard print belt. But over the weekend, she confused us even more with this retro leopard print bikini — possibly not coordinating — with a floral jacket. Why is she choosing these options for the beach? And what’s up the eyeliner? How does it sat on in the waves?

So, so many questions.

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Dear Kate: Please step off my name!

By Katharine Luckinbill

Okay … so I get this link the other day:

The headline reads: “Meet Dear Kate

I think: “FINALLY. Someone cares! People are reading my column! This is it! See ya later, day job! I am OFFICIALLY a famous writer and things are going up Up UP!”

Subheading: “Brilliant Underwear That’s High-Tech, Not High-Maintenance”

“Underwear?” I think. “But I didn’t just write any columns about underwear. Wait…wait a second. Noooooooo.”

This column isn’t abut me it’s about UNDERWEAR! Underwear? Underwear.

Oh but the buck doesn’t stop there, oh nooooo my friends. This isn’t just any underwear…this is high-tech, leak-resistant fabric for woman who occasionally PEE IN THEIR PANTIES.

List of things to be upset about:

  1. Not a famous writer.
  2. “Dear Kate” are pee-panties.
  3. Do I need to change my identity?
  4. Again, “Dear Kate” =  pee-pee panties.
  5. Still not a famous writer.
  6. Have to keep my day job.

So I kept reading the article anyway, and I actually kind of liked what I saw. (Darn it!)

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Obsessed with: Caitlin Wilson Textiles!

By Kaitlin Marie

If you’re a total Pinterest junkie like me, then you’ve probably seen this ultra-girly, ultra-enviable throw pillow mix popping up on your home page from time to time. And little did you know, these fab pillows were designed and sold by a fellow Kate!

Caitlin Wilson is the owner and pioneer of Caitlin Wilson Textiles, and her adorable mix & match pillows are probably just the thing your living room needs for a punch of girly color. Says me.

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Some advice for Kate Middleton on how to style her new bangs

Kate Middleton's bangs By Kate Torgovnick

Kate Middleton has always been a champion of the side part. The Duchess has worn her hair the same stunning way for years—until yesterday, when she was spotted with long, center-parted bangs. Not only does she not look happy about her hair evolution, but sources say that she is truly on the fence. According to The Daily Beast, when a spectator in the crowd complimented Middleton on her hair, she replied, “I’m not sure about it.”

I have some advice. Because, essentially, Middleton now has my haircut.

First, bangs have a certain undone quality to them. Which does not play well with Middleton’s usual hair trick–curled ends. Kate, go straight! I think your bangs will look far better with dryer straightened hair or, gasp, your natural wave.

Second, don’t mess with your part. These bangs are very, very long, and the center part only calls attention to them. They will look much better with your usual side part–they’ll cut across your eye in an ultra alluring way.

Third, get your stylist to blend in that one piece that is jutting out. It needs a snip. Badly.

And step four, smile!

Try these things and then make a decision on whether to grow the bangs back out. I’m thinking they could be edgy and super cute, if styled correctly.

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Obsessed with: Target’s new Kaitlyn Mary Janes

These amazing patent-leather red Mary Janes were pointed out to me by’s own Kaitlin Marie. Why? Because they go by her name, at least with a ‘y.’ Hey we might have trouble walked in these mega-heeled, double-buckled beauties. But since they’re $12.20, you can afford to get them just to wear for an hour or two at holiday party appearance.

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The ads that traumatized Kate Moss

Kate Moss and Mark Wahlberg Calvin Klein ad

As described earlier today, Kate Moss says in the new issue of Vanity Fair that she couldn’t get out of bed for two weeks after shooting her iconic Calvin Klein ads with Mark Wahlberg because she was so depressed about having to strip down for it. So how raunchy were these ads? Yeah, they’re a bit racier than I remember. Peep two more after the jump, as well as Moss’ Obsession perfume ads, which also had her feeling down.

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Kate Moss takes it all off, both metaphorically and physically, for the new issue of Vanity Fair

Kate Moss on the cover of Vanity FairBy Kate Torgovnick

Kate Moss was the face of the 1990s. She began modeling at age 15 and, soon after appearing on the cover of The Face magazine, was launched into the stratosphere of Calvin Klein Jeans model. The rest is, of course, waify and hallow-eyed history. But Moss is now opening up about her early years and revealing that they weren’t half as beautiful as one would think.

Moss shares her famous visage on the December cover of Vanity Fair magazine and, inside, she gets really real with interviewer James Fox — revealing that her teenage years were full of anxiety and trauma.

“I had a nervous breakdown when I was 17 or 18, when I had to go and work with Marky Mark and Herb Ritts,” says Moss of her famous Calvin Klein shoot, topless and straddling Mark Wahlberg. “It didn’t feel like me at all. I felt really bad about straddling this buff guy. I didn’t like it. I couldn’t get out of bed for two weeks. I thought I was going to die … It was just anxiety. Nobody takes care of you mentally [in modeling]. There’s a massive pressure to do what you have to do. I was really little, and I was going to work with Steven Meisel. It was just really weird — a stretch limo coming to pick you up from work. I didn’t like it. But it was work, and I had to do it.”

Moss appears totally comfortable with nude and topless shots these days — in fact, she even bares her chest for this Vanity Fair spread, which you can see after the jump — but she says that while racy shots made her famous, doing them was terrible for her as a teenager.

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