Cait on Culture: The 5 Things Every Kate Must Do This Summer

By Caitlin Abber

We received a little taste of summer this weekend in NYC. The sun was shining, the heat was on, and everyone was out and about in their little short shorts and tank tops. It got me thinking about my  summer to-do list. From beaches to museums to, of course, all the outdoor drinking opportunities, summer is easily my favorite season, and I take making the most of it very seriously. With that in mind,
this week I put together a list of The 5  Things Every Kate Must Do This Summer to get you thinking about the more important things in life, like margaritas and shoes without socks.

1. Lawn/Roof Party
Depending on where you live, this could also be a backyard BBQ, a mixer with a killer view, or a party on the beach. Either way, find yourself somewhere outside with a cooler full of beer or a pitcher of sangria and lots of cute strangers. Wear something flowy or revealing, and stay way after the sun goes down. You know to bring sunscreen and bug spray, but don’t forget your list of hot topics, complete current TV and summer blockbuster knowledge. These types of parties thrive on conversation (and, well, bare legs).

2. Make a Summer Reading List
I know it’s a little nerdy, but I like to pretend I am in school over the summer. I assign myself a list of books (usually 5 or so) to get through by Labor Day, and check them off as I go. I recommend picking a genre (last year it was memoirs, this year I am thinking history), and choose books you are actually
going to read. There is no point in putting Moby Dick on your list if you know you’re just going to reach for The Hunger Games anyway. Reading, especially in the summer, should be totally pleasurable. Chances are, you’ll be doing it outdoors with a cold beverage, so make sure it is as little work as possible.

3. Get Away
Living in New York (or any major city) can be very overwhelming. Sure, there is an endless supply of things to do, but often that makes slowing down and relaxing next to impossible. Even the farmer’s market has major lines! Definitely find a way to get in a little R&R somewhere quiet and off the beaten path. It doesn’t have to be a major trip, but even a friend’s beach house or a park in another town will allow you to see something different and feel a little freer. If you can fit in some sightseeing, hiking, or antiquing, that will make this trip even better and provide ample opportunity for our current culture obsession: Intragrams.

4. Eat Everything Fresh
Lots of people try to skimp around big dinners and ice cream in the summer in order to look better in a bathing suit, but not me. Summer is my absolute favorite season when it comes to fresh, healthy foods. Heirloom tomatoes off the vine? Yes please. Homemade lemonade? Don’t mind if I do! Seafood? Asparagus? Watermelon? I will take them all. Summer is a great time to learn about food, so if you have an opportunity, head to a local farm or green space. Many give tours or offer inexpensive classes, and trust me—nothing tastes sweeter in the cold winter than a batch of homemade jam you made that July.

5. Outdoor Everything
This may be obvious, but really, don’t sit around indoors. Get outside and participate in all of the music, food, art, flea market, and picnic opportunities there are. Go for long walks and wear sandals all day. Meet someone cute at a beer garden and drive to the beach the next morning. Leave work before 6:30 most nights. Feel young and happy and take advantage of the weather like you have to go back to school in a couple months (hey, maybe some of you do).

Remember that appreciating culture isn’t all art museums and restaurant reviews. It’s also carnivals, festivals, friendship bracelets, and lobster rolls. So get out there and enjoy it all, and then report back to me, because I want to see pictures!

Cait on Culture is a column running on every Tuesday at 2pm. It is written by the pop culture obsessed Caitlin Abber, who you should follow on Twitter.

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2 thoughts on “Cait on Culture: The 5 Things Every Kate Must Do This Summer

  1. Katetorg says:

    I feel the exact same way about summer. Like I need to store up every possible bit of vitamin D while I can in order to make it through the next winter. Planning my first roof party for next week.

  2. Katie Grosso says:

    Love making the summer book list!!

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