All about Kate Spade’s apartment

By Kate TorgovnickKate Spade

In my mind, I imagined that designer Kate Spade lived in an abode full of whimsical wallpapers, polka dots and bright colors. And it appears that I may not be that far off. Spade chatted with the Kansas City Star (apparently, she is from Kansas City) about her home—the third floor of a Manhattan apartment building built in 1910.

It’s very open, and it’s on a corner. Windows wrap the apartment,” says Spade. “It was a wreck. The guy who had lived there had been there for 40 years. No one had taken down the molding, which we appreciated. We didn’t move any walls, like we’ve seen a lot of people do. Why would you mess with such a great layout?”

So what home decor is Spade absolutely crazy for? Lamps, the designer shares.

“I love lamps. I can’t stand overhead lighting. I have to have everything on a dimmer. In the morning, it’s on bright. It’s cheery. When the day goes on, the light gets a little lower,” she says. “I like lampshades to be pleated and made out of fabric. And I like paper ones when they’re gold-lined — it’s such pretty light.”

Somehow, I sense a home line coming out of this interview.

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