Adventures in Greening: what to do with apples


By Catherine Moran

This post is short and sweet: I am writing it in anticipation of watching the series finale of Breaking Bad, and therefore my level of concentration is not tops. I’m assuming that, if you’re a fan, you’re not able to read anything but Breaking Bad-related media anyway, so you’re happy to scan something fairly quickly. I’m with you: it’s going to be all Breaking Bad coverage for me this Monday.

I went apple picking this weekend, which was a lot of fun. Last year when I went apple picking, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with all the apples in my possession. I’d borrowed a friend’s dehydrator in the past, and made crunchy apple snacks, but I hadn’t done that last year, and it’s lucky I didn’t. I decided to go searching for other ideas for apple use that didn’t involve pie. This led me to one of my favorite blogs, Oh She Glows, a vegan blog that has some of The Greatest Recipes on the internet. Even if you aren’t vegan (I am not), these recipes are easy to make and simply delicious, and can be modified for many different diets.

My search led me to Angela’s recipe for apple butter, but, what is more, her recipe for apple cinnamon peanut butter. If you’ve ever thought that happiness can be found in a mason jar, you’re right. The concoction is absolutely divine, and that was the only recipe I had on my mind as I was picking my apples this time around.

Homemade apple butter on the left, apple cinnamon peanut butter on the right.

Homemade apple butter on the left, apple cinnamon peanut butter on the right.

I also am planning on enjoying a heap load of homemade applesauce, which, I must say, tastes especially good when warm straight from my slow cooker.

That’s all for now, greenies! I’ll be back in two weeks, and hopefully Breaking Bad will be off my mind by then.

Adventures in Greening is a column running on every other Monday at noon. It is written by the very eco-conscious Catherine Moran. Follow Catherine on Twitter @folowbredcrumbs, or check out her excellent book blog.

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3 thoughts on “Adventures in Greening: what to do with apples

  1. Anonymous says:

    Mmmmmm. Apples. Thank you for this post. Put me in the fall spirit.

  2. anonymous says:

    i enjoy Adventures in Greening and look forward to Catherine’s posts. Her enthusiasm in infectious.
    I love breaking bad too!

  3. [...] my last post, I talked about using my slow cooker for making apple butter and a variation of the easy recipe. [...]

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