Adventures in Greening: Green in 2014!


By Catherine Moran

Happy new year! I can’t believe 2014 is here already. While I’m not a big believer in resolutions starting at the beginning of a new year (I think if you resolve to make a change, you should start when you can, and not wait for a day predetermined by society…end rant), I am looking ahead to 2014 for some green changes.  What’s on the agenda, you ask? Here are a few green goals I am keeping in mind:


• Reading more books about being environmentally-friendly. I have a stack of green lifestyle books on my to-read shelf, but I’ve been neglecting them in favor of fiction. This shall be rectified this year!


• Buy fewer items packaged in plastic. This is an ongoing challenge, and one that I don’t always win. I tell myself I will buy more goods at the farmers market, but that isn’t possible all the time. I know it requires me to plan ahead, and make it part of my weekly routine. Food is the biggest plastic culprit for me, which is why I want to make it a priority for the coming months.


• Try to think of new ways to reduce plastic consumption, and make my lifestyle greener in general. Sometimes I get frustrated, thinking that I have done everything I can to be greener, while also feeling as if I haven’t done much at all. I want to take a hard look at what else could change in my day-to-day life to help reduce my carbon footprint.


•  Be kinder with myself when I do not make an eco-friendly choice. I am hyper-conscious of my actions toward the environment, and I have a tendency to get upset with myself if I don’t make the greenest choice. For example, if I forget my travel mug if I get coffee, I will often berate myself for the rest of the day. I need to work on not feeling angry with myself for being forgetful. It’s not helpful to me in the long run, and I’ve found that the desire to change my habits for the betterment of the planet is a better motivator than guilt for decisions I have made that were not especially green. I am not a bad person if I’m not perfectly green all of the time. I can only strive to do better, and I shall!

What are your green goals for 2014?

(This post brought you in part by Pushing Daisies gifs).

Adventures in Greening is a column running on every other Monday at noon. It is written by the very eco-conscious Catherine Moran. Follow Catherine on Twitter @folowbredcrumbs, or check out her excellent book blog.

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2 thoughts on “Adventures in Greening: Green in 2014!

  1. Bonnie says:

    To bring silverware to work with me so I stop using those wasteful plastic spoons and forks! :)

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