Adventures in Greening: Green Gifts


By Catherine Moran

Is it that time of the year again already? It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since last Christmas. Growing up, when people told me that time flies, I had trouble believing them. Now that I’m getting older, I find it’s true. Another year older, another year wiser.

Last year, I shared a list of green gift ideas. Today, I shall do the same! To those of you who celebrate Hanukkah, happy belated holiday! To those of you still in need of gifts, here we go. (As I mentioned last year, I am suggesting Stuff to give that is better than some alternatives. But, you can consider gifting classes or your time to someone this holiday season, which are gift options that don’t include any hard-to-cut plastic).


1. Etsy is one of my favorite shopping sites. You can support artists both far away and close to home. If you find an artist in your area, there’s a good chance that they’ll be able to tell you if any local stores carry their goods, and then you save on the packaging (and cost) that goes along with shipping.


2. Arts and crafts/food. This is a gift idea that I’m not all that great at executing, as my physical creative skills are less than ideal for gift-giving. But if you can draw, paint, write a song, make some candles, bake some cookies, share them with a loved one! Gifts that require some investment of time always touch my heart, and stick with me for a very long time, even if their actual existence is not long-lasting (cookies are a perfect example).


3. A sodastream soda/seltzer maker. I don’t drink much soda anymore; when I do, it’s a special treat. Seltzer, on the other hand…I’ve become a seltzer fan recently. The sodastream is an item I do not own, but one I have requested for Christmas, because even though I love seltzer, I war with myself before purchasing a bottle at the grocery store. I’ve heard very good things about these soda makers from friends, and from plastic-free guru Beth Terry. If Santa deems me a member of the good list and brings me a sodastream, I will be sure to review it in the new year.


4. A giftcard for digital downloads. There are plenty of sites that sell mp3s and movies for download. Forget the plastic, space-consuming CDs and DVDs/Blu-Rays, and get that media on your computer and mobile!

Good luck in your gifting endeavors, greenies. And don’t forget, amidst the frantic feelings that may accompany the holidays, to go outside and breathe some fresh air, or mediate in a yoga class or own your own. Take the time to remember the good things all around you!


Adventures in Greening is a column running on every other Monday at noon. It is written by the very eco-conscious Catherine Moran. Follow Catherine on Twitter @folowbredcrumbs, or check out her excellent book blog.

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