Adventures in Greening: Going green in Salt Lake City. A guest post!

This week I asked one of my green inspirations to guest write a post for Adventures in Greening. While not a Kate in name, she is a Kate at heart. Thank you, Sara Howard, for sharing your green experiences with us! —Catherine Moran

Going Green in Salt Lake City

By Sara Howard

Two months ago, after living in the New York-Connecticut area for almost my entire life, I moved to Utah. This move was a rather unexpected result of career choice, love life, and personal risk.I worked toward this move for almost a year, but nothing can fully prepare someone for such a big change. Boxes, goodbyes, and a million tedious chores disappear into a frenzied whirlwind. The hardest part about moving is adjusting routines and habits to fit the new environment. Green routines are no exception. Luckily, two things were easy to pick right back up after my move.Transportation

A large part of my New York City transportation routine involved my bicycle, and I loved it. Salt Lake City has an extensive network of bicycle paths, bicycle parking, and bicycle-friendly public transit. Cyclists are everywhere here!

I love vegetables, and my New York City kitchen habits were defined by farmers markets and CSA seasons. The same is true in my new town. Downtown Salt Lake City boasts an amazing farmers market on Saturday mornings and Tuesday evenings, and a local farm offers a CSA drop-off where my boyfriend works.

Other well-ingrained habits required a bit more patience and discipline.

We were dumbfounded to learn that Salt Lake City didn’t offer curbside pickup for glass recycling. You can recycle aluminum, plastic, paper, and cardboard at home, but not glass. (That will change on Nov. 1, when homeowners can opt to pay $6 a month for curbside glass recycling.)

Eventually, we learned that certain public spaces accept glass recycling drop-offs. Phew! But those first few weeks of recycling agony gave us new perspective. We found creative uses for empty glass jars: flower vases, bulk food containers, office organizers, toothbrush holders, candle holders!  We also took a hard look at the number of “disposable” glass products we purchase. Do we really need to buy garlic paste? Our homemade tomato sauce is better than storebought stuff! And can’t we make our own pickles?

Big life changes and cross country moves offer opportunities for adventure. They also challenge us to reconsider our expectations of “normal” or “routine”—the best way for even green girls to grow.

Adventures in Greening is a column running on every other Monday at noon. It is written by the very eco-conscious Catherine Moran. Follow Catherine on Twitter @folowbredcrumbs, or check out her excellent book blog.
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