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Hello. Welcome to Kate-book.com, the website for Kates, by Kates, and about Kates. Why does such a thing exist, you ask? Because Kates—and for the sake of explanation, I will be lumping us all into one group—are very proud of our name. It’s one quick, clean syllable that at the same time denotes strength, creativity, class, beauty, and feet that smell like roses.

I’m kind of kidding on the last one. A little.

But in all seriousness, every time I meet a fellow Kate, I find myself really liking her. As we exchange names, we give each other an ever so slight head nod and a knowing glance that says, “Ahhh, I get you.”

On Kate-book.com, you will find news about famous Kates as well as about Kates you’ve never heard of but would absolutely adore if you were to bump into them in real life. Interspersed, you’ll find Kate factoids and assorted Kate ephemera.

So enjoy. Cates, Katherines, Kathleens,  Catherines, Katies, Kathryns, and Katys are of course welcome. Ditto for anyone who (a) calls a Kate a friend, (b) is romantically involved with a Kate, (c) has a Kate in their family, or (d) just finds themselves thinking “Isn’t she the greatest?” when they lay eyes on Kate Winslet and/or Kate Middleton.

The Kate-book Team

Kate TorgovnickKate-book.com is the brainchild of Kate Torgovnick,  a journalist, blogger and author who absolutely loves her job as a staff writer at TED.com. Kate’s articles have appeared in The New York Times, Newsweek, Page Six Magazine, Time.com and Jane Magazine, where she served as an associate editor back in the day. Kate’s book Cheer!: Inside the Secret World of College Cheerleaders was heralded as a “a spirited, fascinating, at times disturbing and always absorbing book” by Joyce Carol Oates and was the inspiration for The CW’s TV series, Hellcats. Kate also loves solving Rubik’s Cubes and baking pecan pies. Read lots more about her at her website KateTorgovnick.com or by following her on Twitter @thekatebook.


Kate Richlin-ZackFormer DNA sequencer and moonlight tap dancer, Kate Richlin-Zack has just begun her adventures in freelance writing. Although she’s kept a journal since she was 8, Kate is just beginning to share her work with the rest of the world. Her column “Kate’s Dates” runs every other Wednesday on Kate-Book.com at noon and has also been featured on TheFrisky.com. Kate sucks at basic math, despite having majored in mathematics and chemical engineering in college, probably because she only did it to meet guys. She lives in NJ, but has always considered New York City “home,” and is currently looking for any excuse to move there. All the latest news and updates on Kate’s Dates can be found on Twitter @KatesDates as well as on Facebook. You can also follow Kate R-Z on Twitter @k8rz where she often posts her random thoughts on life, love, and the kitchen sink.


Caitlin Abber

Caitlin Abber is a writer, marketing consultant, and all around internet whiz kid, living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. She is a regular contributor to Thought Catalog, Greenpointers and the upcoming Quarterlette. She loves absorbing all things culture, and then finding ways to wrap it all up in a neat little packages. What are you obsessed with right now? That is what this Caitlin wants to know. And thus she writes the column “Cait on Culture,” which runs every Tuesday at 2pm. You can also read Cait’s personal ramblings on her blog, EverydayCaitlin.com and @everydaycaitlin on Twitter.


Kate E. StephensonKate E. Stephenson is a communications specialist who writes, edits and consults. A lover of language and idioms, a creator of narratives, a weaver of words, a random trivia geek and a general know-it-all … Kate wears many hats and still feels highly inspired by the “Reading Rainbow” theme song. Sing it along with her: “Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high. Take a look, it’s in a book. A reading rainbow.” Kate pens two columns for this site—”Trivia” which runs every Monday at 10:30am and the soon-to-launch “Book Club” on Fridays at noon. Read more about Kate at KempsConsulting.com or follow her on Twitter @KempsConsulting. Oh, and “KEMPS” are her initials, as she has three middle names.


Catherine-Moran-revisedCatherine (Katie) Moran is a bookworm, a dog lover, a coffee and tea addict, a pescatarian, and a proud geek. Her newest passion is yoga, and her current goal is to stand on her head. She is also a freelance editor based in New York City. Her column “Adventures in Greening” runs every Monday at noon. You can also see what she’s reading at FreshlyBrewedBookReviews.com and follow her on Twitter @folowbredcrumbs.


Katharine Desiree Luckinbill is obsessed with her full name, yet thinks she’s in trouble if someone uses it, so has always gone by Kate. Though she spent the majority of her life onstage, and got a theatre degree, Kate recently decided that a life in show business is too chaotic for her grounded Capricorn spirit and decided to give the 9-5 lifestyle a try. She now happily works as a Talent Coordinator at one of the most respected advertising firms in the world, while still appearing on the cabaret stages of Manhattan, performing her own one-woman creation, “LOVE! (or lack thereof).” Kate lives with her boyfriend Charlie in New York City and has four brothers, two parents, and a cat named Sake. She doles out advice like an automatic candy dispenser in her column “Dear Kate,” which runs every  Thursday at noon on Kate-Book.com. You can follow her on Twitter @makesthegirl or send her a question you need advice on at msdearkate@gmail.com.


Kate EmswilerKate Emswiler is an East Coast lady: bred in New England, she spent college and beyond in NYC before moving to San Francisco. There she co-launched BuzzSugar.com and was editor of the site for three years. Despite the staggering natural beauty of California, she found that people walk too slowly and pizza is subpar, so she moved back East in 2009.  She has interned at JANE and Bust magazines, worked in book publishing, PR, advertising, comedy, greeting cards and the non-profit sector. She lives in Brooklyn with two incredible cats, and writes the column “Kate’s Television Musings” every Friday at noon. Follow her on Twitter at @k8ems.


Kaitlin WilliamsKaitlin Marie is a hard-working, no nonsense cop who likes to play by the rules. She’s also a hooker with a heart of gold and a renegade lawyer with nothing to lose. When not pretending to be a movie cliche, Kaitlin enjoys playing with her cat and/or her lovely boyfriend and updating her Zombie Apocalypse plans on her blog Zombies4breakfast.com. She lives in Northwest Indiana, outside of Chicago. Sometimes she tries to run, mostly away from her parents. Kaitlin’s column “My CompliKAITed Life” runs every other Wednesday at noon. You can also follow her on Twitter @kaiwilli or on Pinterest, where she pins obsessively.


Kate Hakala is a 24-year-old nerdy weirdo living in Brooklyn, NY, in what can be best described as the baby district. She’s a receptionist and a freelance editor for pay. For play, she practices the ancient art of dancing in her kitchen, reads just about anything written with the English alphabet, and likes long walks, both on and off the beach. She grew up on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and attended UMass Amherst to get a degree in English and Creative Writing. Kate is fascinated by mundane, trivial, and especially gross topics. She writes the column “ExpliKate,” which runs on Kate-book.com ever other Monday at noon, as part of her lifelong exploration into the whys and hows of this wacky, wonderful, and mysterious world. Follow her on Twitter @explikateme.


Kathleen Neafsey enjoys long walks on the beach—oops, sorry, wrong bio! Actually … she worked as an assistant teacher in a Pre-K class for nine years, then began working with a child with special needs. Both are rewarding jobs that require patience and a sense of humor. Her most gratifying job, though, is being a mom. She has two teenage girls who have made the past 18 years quite an adventure. Her other roles include, but are not limited to: daughter, sister, awesome girlfriend, aunt, and friend. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, baking, reading, travel, and of course crafts! And thus, she writes the soon-to-launch column “Fabri-Kate” which runs every other Tuesday at 10:30am.


Kathryn McLaneKate McLane is actually a Kathryn but but decided in the 7th grade that she was going to be called Kate. The rest is history. She is now a New York City-based photographer who has been in the field for five years. (She was born in Northern California and  moved around the country a dozen times on her way to NYC. ) Kate prefers portraiture but has tackled many genres in her photography.  She feels photography can open up insights into the sitter as well as the photographer. Kate endeavors to bring the subject’s true presence into the frame and capture more than just one dimension on the page. See her work at KateMcLanePhotography.com.


Kathleen S. Kirk is a nerd girl currently residing in Ann Arbor, Michigan. While she works to become a successful screenwriter/filmmaker on her own terms, Kathleen moonlights as a freelance writer, pseudolinguist, and murder mystery enthusiast. She became obnoxiously overachieving when she spent her high school years as a full-time architecture undergraduate. Kathleen speaks French, Finnish, Russian, and Spanish, and has a deep obsession and appreciation for the Finnish culture. She calls herself suomi fanityttö (a Finnish fangirl) and can refer to things in terms of their respective fandoms without ever shipping anything. Her nerd girl exploits are chronicled in “Captainess Kirk,” which runs every other Thursday at 10:30 am. You can follow her on Twitter @CaptainessKirk; she’s always willing to help out a fellow nerd girl.

Got a comment, tip, or thought you’d like to share? Email kate.torgovnick@gmail.com. If you are a Kate who would like to be interviewed and/or contribute to the site, she’d especially love to hear from you.

21 thoughts on “About Us

  1. HI Kate,
    I came across your website via Twitter. Really cool dat you have a Kate website. I was wondering if it is a nice idea to maybe post something about our Kate on your website.
    She is the inspiration of the Meet Kate Foundation. Our projects are focused on children and youth in Ghana and are educational based.
    Kate is the face of the foundation, since she shows the positive, hopeful and potential side of Africa. In western countries we often only see poverty, war and healthproblems of Africa, but their is so much more!

    So if you are interested, please let me know so we can make a nice story out of this. For more information about our Foundation check our website: http://www.meetkate.org
    and for more info about Kate: http://www.meetkate.org/who-are-we/who-is-kate

    Kind Regards,

    Kelly de Vries

  2. kate parise says:

    You forgot another spelling of Kate: kathryn!!! Thanks..love the page!

  3. katetorg says:

    Oh no! I did. Changing that right now, because of course Kathryns are welcome here, too.

  4. katesb says:

    Cates, Katherines, Kathleens, Catherines, Katies, Kathryns, and Katys are of course welcome?!

    Ah, my fellow Kates and I are not so liberal. We hate the K/Catherines of this world stealing our name and making it seem more common than it really is! Hands off! ;)

  5. katea says:

    So happy I found a site dedicated to my namesake! Hooray for all the Kates in this world!

  6. Karen S says:

    I just saw your article about “7 Reasons To Be Sad That Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Are Over’ posted on Thursday, July 5, 2012 on gma/yahoo site. I continue to be amazed about how much non-important, trivial waste of articles are floating around the internet. There are SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT things to talk about, discuss, ponder, be enlightened with rather than wasting space and air on a weirdo scientologist whose 17 year young wife is leaving him. Has Tom Cruis done anything significant for humanity? Change the world to a better place? Made a difference to environment? Helped people get jobs? uhhhh.. no… Your websites contributes to the dumbing down of this society when all that can be posted to the internet is wasted spaced like this rather than.. hey, the Anartic glaciers are melting at a faster rate than originally thought and at some time soon the end of the cytoplasm. Oh, wait… let us talk about a bunch of spoiled pseudo celebrity souless meat puppets instead… Awesome.
    Portland, ME

  7. Kate Kobi Chris says:

    Holy smokes I love this site. I am giving each and everyone of you a knowing nod. Keep up the good work!

  8. Kate L J says:

    This website is all kinds of awesome! Like the authors of this site, I too have never met a fellow Kate I didn’t like. My name is Kate. Short for nothing. My mom didn’t want to name me Katherine or any other deritave. She wanted me to be “Kate” pure and simple, which suits me perfectly. What you see is what you get. I look forward to reading this site and learning more about the many other great Kates out there.

  9. [...] that people named Kate are pretty fantastic (hello, so much so that we have our own website: KateBook!). I personally find a bit of a kinship in meeting other people who share my given name, and [...]

  10. Kate Katynski says:

    I just heard someone on TV the other day her name was Kathlyn. If my name wasn’t Kathryn (Kate) I would definetly name my daughter that one day. There’s always middle names right?

  11. Kate Cone says:

    Great idea. I’m a Kathleen, but after many years of wrongfully called “Kathie,” (my family called me “Kath” or “Kathleen,” I declared I was a Kate.

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  14. Kate B says:

    I just found this site and, from one Kate to all you other Kates, think its superb! I just knew all along there was a place for me in this mad mad mad world. My own community of Kate. Love it!

  15. Interesting posts you post here, i have shared this post
    on my twitter

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