9 reasons I’m sad that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are dunzo

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes weddingBy Kate Torgovnick

The rest of the world seems pretty happy about the fact that Katie Holmes has filed for divorce from Tom Cruise. The Telegraph titled their article on the split “Marriage Impossible?” Meanwhile, Amelia McDonell-Parry of The Frisky wrote, “Well, her contract must be up. Five years after they tied the knot in Italy, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are splitting.” Sherri Reed of The Stir took things a big step farther, writing, “Thank God, Katie Holmes has finally escaped that sham of a marriage … Run Katie run! Suri, take off your heels and run with her!”

So I know that I am in the minority in actually feel pretty bummed about this parting. Yes, Scientology freaks me out and I very much dislike the idea of religion where you buy your way in. But still, these two really did seem in love. And it’s always sad to see that end, no matter what.

After the jump, 9 reasons I’m sad that Katie and Tom are no more.

  1. Because in recent interviews, Tom said such lovely things about his soon to be ex-wife. While promoting “Rock of Ages,” Tom told Playboy, “[Katie] is an extraordinary person. Everything she does, she does with this beautiful creativity … When she walks into the room, I just feel better.”
  2. Big duh—I feel sad for Suri. Because divorce isn’t easy on kids.
  3. Because I secretly love couples where the woman is taller than the man. Just sayin’.
  4. Because I liked the way Katie always gushed about Tom. Holmes famously told W magazine after her wedding, “I’ve found the man of my dreams. From the moment I met him it just felt like I’d known him forever … He’s the most incredible man.”
  5. Because now Tom will have to rename his plane. Goodbye, Kiss Me Kate.
  6. Because I liked this couple’s look-a-like factor. I mean really, these Katie and Tom really have the male and female versions of the same face. The same grey eyes, the same high cheekbones, the same brown hair and olive coloring. I remember reading somewhere eons ago that couples with similar facial features, statistically, were more likely to stay together. But perhaps not?
  7. Because I was charmed by the couch jumping. I know 99% of people thought Tom’s showing on Oprah back in 2005 was the sign of an unhinged person. But honestly—being in love makes me want to jump on couches, too! As Tom later put it on ABC News, “I really think that all men should celebrate their women. They should all jump on couches for them.” Amen to that.
  8. Because it makes me worry that no one can make it. It’s easy to feel down on the institution of marriage these days. But that “50% of marriages end in divorce” stat we’re always hearing just isn’t true. (The stat entered the lexicon because half as many divorces are granted per year as marriage licenses are issued. However, this doesn’t take into account that the couples getting divorced could have tied the knot in any preceding year.) I think the constant barrage of high-profile divorces adds to the cultural idea that marriage for life is a thing of the past. And I worry this could be a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  9. Because TomKat was a really good nickname. I’ll miss using it.

What do you think—did you like Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise as a couple, or did you think their marriage was totally creepy?

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5 thoughts on “9 reasons I’m sad that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are dunzo

  1. Kaitertot says:

    I heard that the reason for the split was because age 5 is when children are indoctrinated into the church of Scientology and Katie didn’t want her daughter to be a part of the church. Sounds like a pretty good reason to me, really.

    Still, it is quite sad. Hopefully it’s an amicable divorce and not too hard on little Suri.

  2. Catherine says:

    I never minded them as a couple, but Tom Cruise in general gives me the willies (as an actual person; I have enjoyed the majority of his movies). Who knows what he’s really like, though; so thanks for sharing some positive reasons for disliking their divorce.

  3. expliKate says:

    It’s always sad when a couple breaks up when you thought they might have been so in love. Couch-jumping in love. But, I have to say: I’m proud of Katie Holmes. If she was feeling major creep-vibes about her husband’s religion (ahem cult), then I think she did the right thing. As Suri’s mother, she has the duty to keep her kid’s best interests at heart. As a kid of divorced parents, yes, it sucks, but I also know there is something to be said for two single, sane parents rather than an unhappy, disputing couple keeping it together for my “sake”.

    Also, Tom Cruise icks me out. I’m sorry.

  4. Kathleen says:

    I gotta say, I agree with the ick factor – there’s just something off. Granted, back in the days of Top Gun, I thought Tom was mildly hot – lukewarm maybe; however, as he (and I) has gotten older there was definitely something creepy happening to him. As for their marriage, generally when something seems too good to be true – I never really bought the couch jumping. I’m sure that in the beginning they were crazy about one another – then Katie grew up, matured, and realized that her husband is Tom Cruise, not TOM CRUISE, her teenage crush.
    Fear not, there are marriages that last – if not marriages, then relationships, at least. However you classify it, it’s work and it’s compromise and it comes with great rewards.
    I’m hopeful that for Suri’s sake, things go smoothly. Katie will move on and have a wonderful life. Tom will, hopefully, be honest with himself some day and be able to move on as well.

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