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The Week in Kate: Katherine Losse reveals the Facebook frat, Kate Upton channels Pamela Anderson

By Kate Torgovnick

As per usual, it looks like the Kates, Katies, Catherines, and Katys of the world have been mighty busy this week. Here, your weekly roundup of name-specific news.

  • Katherine Losse, one of the first female employees of Facebook, has penned a tell-all about the experience, calling it like working at a frat. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Remember when I said it was the month of Kate Upton? It is official. Homegirl landed herself a spread in Vogue, and trades in a bikini for a fur-lined coat. [Daily Mail]
  • In this video shot by Terry Richardson, Upton pretends to be Pam Anderson in “Baywatch.” [I Don't Like You In That Way]
  • Swimmer Katie Rowe has found an interesting new career…as a stuntwoman. [Swimming World Magazine]
  • Catherine Keener will play Mark Ruffalo’s estranged wife in the movie “Can a Song Save Your Life?” [Hollywood Reporter]
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones reflects on how her hair was so big in the 1980s that “if I sat in the front row of a Clash show, people behind me couldn’t see.” [People Stylewatch]
  • Katherine Freedman, who goes to my alma mater Barnard College, defends her choice to major in English. Hey! I did that too! [FWD Nation]
  • Kate Middleton got Prince William a ride on a sea doughnut for his 30th birthday. Yeah, I didn’t know what that meant either. [Vanity Fair]
  • This week, rumors swirled that Middleton planned to take part in a “Sleep Out,” on the streets of London to raise awareness for homelessness. Only, her rep knows nothing about it. [People]
  • Speaking of Middleton, two hats that once touched her scalp sold for $5K a piece in an auction. [The Telegraph]
  • But that’s just the beginning—Middleton reportedly wore $165K worth of clothes this year. [Daily Mail]
  • Supposedly, Brad Pitt has purchased a portrait of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge painted by graffiti artist Bambi. Presumably because Angelina is obsessed with Kate? [Perez Hilton]
  • And finally, Middleton has been told to curtsey to Princess Beatrice, who is royalty by blood. [Salon]
  • Last weekend, a Massachusetts woman returned home to find 22-year-old Katherine Ferguson naked and cooking in her kitchen. Eek! [NY Post]
  • Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been slammed for their $17K fur backpack. [Radar Online]
  • Speaking of, Ashley Olsen has spoken out on Mary-Kate’s relationship with Olivier Sarkozy, saying their age difference isn’t troubling because Mary-Kate is “mature.” [NY Daily News]
  • Jane Lynch and Kathleen Turner are apparently friends. Like! [Bethesda Magazine]
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Kate’s Television Musings: Why “Louie” Makes Me Proud of America

By Kate Emswiler

For something that is technically a comedy, “Louie” can be awfully intense.  All of the episodes are funny, some of them are poignant, and most of them leave me with that heavy pit in my stomach that comes from the knowledge that humans are complex, terrible, fascinating creatures.  There is endless comedy to be mined from this, and Louis C.K. is the best miner around.

“Louie” is a (perhaps loosely) fictionalized account of Louis C.K.’s life as a stand-up comedian and dad in New York City, and yet it somehow produced the most effective episode of TV about our troops in Afghanistan that I’ve seen.  (The episode was even placed at No. 3 on Time’s list of the Top Ten TV Episodes of 2011.)  Titled “Duckling”, the episode follows Louie’s USO experience when he travels to Afghanistan to do stand-up for the troops.

At some point, he discovers that his daughter put a duckling in his luggage for good luck. (It was his daughter’s turn at school to care of the class duckling).  Throughout the episode, Louie struggles to keep the duckling safely hidden, until he and a few soldiers encounter a group of armed Afghanis.  There’s some heated shouting and angry misunderstandings — until Louie’s duckling escapes from his bag, to the delight of everyone watching.

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Captainness Kirk: English, Kusipää, Do You Speak It?

By Kathleen S. Kirk

A few days ago, I was watching Burn Notice, one of my favorite shows. It’s about a famous spy, Michael Weston, who gets blacklisted and effectively booted from the CIA. He’s made out to be this brilliant linguist, fluent in Russian, and his name was known all over Russia.

Before I started learning Russian, I could’ve believed this. Now, not so much. I’m quite certain any and all Russians who heard him would’ve laughed him out of Russia, possibly even out of Europe.

It came down to one simple word, спасибо (pronounced spa-si-buh). And he was pronouncing it like it was spelled cпасибва (spa-si-bva). The subtitled translation simply said, “Thank you.”

No, this could not be.

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Dear Kate: Should I try to get pregnant by ‘accident?’

By Katharine Luckinbill

Dear Kate,

I married a man more than ten years my junior. I am 36, he’s 24. Before we married we discussed wanting children, but I want to start now, and he isn’t ready. He says he wants to travel and not be tied down for at least few more years, but in a few more years I will be close to 40 and it will be much harder for me to conceive. I am wondering if I should just get pregnant “by accident” or is that just way too unfair?

Can’t Waity Katie

Dear Can’t Waity Katie;

First of all, clever nickname. Kate Middleton … Waity Katie … Can’t Waity. I get it.

Second of all.


No. No, no no no!

You cannot pretend to get pregnant by accident. Absolutely, undoubtedly, unconditionally NO.

Not only is that not the way to bring a child into the world, but the repercussions it will have on your relationship when he eventually finds out could be irreparable. If you love this man enough to have his children, I’m assuming you wouldn’t want a nasty divorce to be the outcome of having a child.

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Kate Upton does Vogue Spain

Kate Upton Vogue SpainJuly is apparently the month of Kate Upton, just like the—oh—four months that came before it. Just a week after images were released of her spread in GQ, here is Kate in Vogue Spain. Notice that she is wearing the enemy—a one-piece bathing suit.

More photos after the jump.

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My CompliKAITed Life: The Working Girl’s Guide to Surviving a Terrible Job

By Kaitlin Marie

No matter who you are or where you work, you’re going to have a rough day every now and then. Even if your typical daily mentality is all, “Butterflies! Sunshine! Rainbows! Unicorns!” (a trait I possess that drives my friends and boyfriend crazy), you will occasionally find yourself sitting under a doom cloud. And your weekly chance-of-doom-cloud forecast increases dramatically if you have a shitty job.

Maybe you forgot to put the cover on your TPS report. Maybe you missed a deadline. Or maybe your fashionista-wannabe boss decided your cute new shirt was “too casual for the office atmosphere” even though you’ve worn a bunch of other shirts that are WAY more casual and one of them even said “American Eagle Outfitters” on it and you got away with wearing it three times already and she’s never said anything about it. But I digress.

The working world is not perfect and it never will be. So here are a few tips and tricks I use to save my sanity and survive life with a shitty job.

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Kate Hudson loved putting makeup on her brother

Kate and Oliver HudsonKate Hudson had a special way of torturing her brother, Oliver, the hottie in the photo to the left. The actress tells People that she used to practice applying makeup on him.

“My poor brother,” Hudson said. “He was kind enough to be my mannequin, and let me experiment on his face. I’d put blue eye shadow on him and we’d laugh.”

While Hudson now leaves her brother alone, she says that she still has a deep love of blush, lip gloss and eyeshadow.

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Cait on Culture: Take me to the movies

By Caitlin Abber

In my very first column, I was complaining about how all the good shows were on the same night. “Game of Thrones,” “Mad Men,” “Girls”—Sunday had become an overwhelming evening! But now all of those goodies have ended for the season, and I am left with a Sunday night as quiet as a sleeping kitten.

I don’t mind this necessarily, but I do miss my standard Sunday ritual of making a big dinner, having a couple friends over, and staring at the TV for almost four hours. So I’ve decided that this summer, I am going to carry on the tradition by catching up on all the movies I’ve never seen but should have. Since, you know, I am really into culture and all.

Last week, with much influence from my boyfriend, I settled into the first disc of “The Lord of The Rings” (the extended version, duh). I somehow avoided these Hobbit tales my entire life (I never even read the books!) so I had no idea what to expect. I thought they were all going to be woodsy tales of tomfoolery, but I was wrong. They are super intense! Don’t tempt me Frodo!

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Adventures in Greening: Keep Cool the Green Way

By Catherine Moran

In light of the heat waves that made their way across the country this past weekend, a friend suggested that I investigate some ways to keep cool while being green. While it’s tempting to rely on air conditioning if you live in an apartment in New York City—as I do—air conditioners are, on the whole, bad. They release pollutants into the air, hurting the environment. But they also let these same pollutants into your living space if the air conditioner isn’t properly maintained.

If you need to have an air conditioner, go for one with an Energy Star label. Try to only use it when you are in the room where it is located, and close the door to the room while the AC is in use. Always pick a lower setting. Oh, and unplug the thing when it’s not in use, okay?

But there are more environmentally-friendly ways to make the heat a bit more bearable.

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The Week in Kate: Kate Beckinsale’s strange crop top, Mary-Kate Olsen lights up in front of Sarkozy’s young daughter

Kate Beckinsale Women's Health coverBy Kate Torgovnick

As per usual, it looks like the Kates, Katies, Catherines, and Katys of the world have been mighty busy this week. Here, your weekly roundup of name-specific news.

  • Normally, I would make fun of the bizarre proportions of this black-and-white striped shirt. But Kate Beckinsale looks so amazing on this magazine cover that I am a little distracted. [Women's Health]
  • In the interview, Beckinsale admits that she wasn’t the first picked in kickball as a kid. “I wasn’t particularly athletic,” she says. “No one ever thought, ‘I must have Kate on my team.’” [Huffington Post]
  • Jon Gosselin has issued Kate Gosselin a blanket “I’m sorry” for his behavior after their split. [People]
  • Katy Perry‘s video for “Wide Awake” is very dark Alice in Wonderland. Oh, and it also includes visual images to past videos since it’s her last “Teenage Dream” single. [MTV]
  • Catherine Greig‘s sister has spoken out about her eight year sentence, saying that she is only guilty of “being attracted to the wrong kind of guy.” [Boston Herald]
  • See 21 gifs of Kate Upton, posted for her 20th birthday. Wow, homegirl isn’t even old enough to drink yet. [Buzzfeed]
  • Meanwhile, Catherine Zeta-Jones has revealed the inspiration for her Bible thumping character in “Rock of Ages.” Apparently, she studied Michele Bachmann very carefully. [iVillage]
  • Here’s a sneak peak of Katie Couric’s talk show premiering in the fall. [Perez Hilton]
  • One fan went to great lengths to get an autograph from Kate Winslet on the set of “Labor Day.” Make them work, Kate. [Boston Herald]
  • The new Miss Wisconsin is none other than Kate Gorman. [Central Wisconsin Hub]

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Kate’s Television Musings: Life lessons from high school TV shows

By Kate Emswiler

This weekend I’m going to a high school graduation party and, naturally, it got me thinking about high school TV shows.  Of course I continue to watch shows about teens even though I graduated high school back when TLC’s “No Scrubs” was topping the charts.  And over all these years of watching high school shows, I’ve discovered some valuable life lessons straight from the mouths of awkward adolescents.  Without further pomp and circumstance, here they are:

Lesson #1 from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”: Be a hero, even when you’d rather go to the mall

This is the first chapter heading in the book What Would Buffy Do?, in which author Jana Riess examines the many spiritual lessons to be learned from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”  In the beginning of the series, 16-year-old Buffy wants to resign as a Slayer, but she ultimately accepts her responsibility to others and continues fighting for the good of the world.  She sacrifices a good deal in order to do this, including ordinary teenage experiences like hanging out at the mall or having a “normal” boyfriend.  In addition to the importance of self-sacrifice, there are plenty of other messages to take away from the series, perhaps most obviously the idea that we need to battle demons straight-on — no running and hiding from the creeps and various undead.  We could do well to strive to be more like this particular teenage girl, heroic and fearless.

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Music Break: Kate McGarry, jazz singer

By Kate Torgovnick

Jazz singer Kate McGarry has an unusual process for reinterpreting songs by greats like Sarah Vaughan, Anita O’Day, Betty Carter, Abbey Lincoln and Nina Simone. In addition to going directly to the tunes, she immerses herself in interviews with her icons. “It was the experience of actually putting their speaking voice, their thoughts about their lives and some of their experiences, to the singing voices that I had known for so many years,” McGarry says this week in an “All Things Considered” interview. “You know a lot from just listening to their voice — you can feel their intention and some of the power and motivation that makes them sing.”

McGarry’s new album is called “Girl Talk,” which reminds me both of Robyn and the board game I used to play as a teenager. But the title actually comes from the 1965 Booby  Troup song, which McGarry naturally reimagines on the album.

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