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Kate of the Week: Meet Katie Linn, amazing social worker and beef jerky enthusiast

Katie Linn 2011There are so many truly fascinating Kates out there. And every week, is resolving to introduce you to a new one. This week, I would like you to meet Katie Linn, 30, of Long Island City, New York. Without further ado, 13 questions with Katie.

1. What’s your favorite thing about your name?

I love my name.  I especially like it because it goes so well with my last name. Combined it sounds so Southern. You really can’t say the whole name without having a Southern twang. Try it.

2. What’s your least favorite thing about your name?

I grew up around six other Katies, and that does not include other variations of the name. I hated that I didn’t have a more unusual name. In fact, my mom even called me by my first and last name to distinguish me from the others.

3. Who is your celebrity doppelganger?

Its a toss-up. I have been told Kirsten Dunst and the middle Hanson brother.  You pick.

4. So, what do you do for a living?

I am a social worker and programmer at the National Alliance on Mental Illness of New York City-Metro, otherwise known as NAMI-NYC Metro.

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Kate Young on styling for Natalie Portman, Michelle Williams, and Jason Wu

Kate Young in INCChances are, you don’t know Kate Young per se. But you definitely know her work. Not only does Young style fashion powerhouses like Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams, the icy blonde with a fondness for red lipstick also styles the looks coming down the runways at Jason Wu fashion shows. (That’s her photographed with him below.)

This year, Young was named one of tinseltown’s Most Powerful Stylists by the Hollywood Reporter. And she’s just landed a high profile gig as the editor-at-large for Macy’s INC, styling looks for the brand’s ads. (She’s wearing INC pieces in that photo to the left.)

As part of her new Macy’s gig, Young has been doing lots of interviews. But she isn’t trying to be the next Rachel Zoe.

“I don’t really want to be a super public person,” Young tells New York Magazine. “I don’t want a reality show. I’m not an actress and I don’t think I have the kind of personality that could carry a show, [although] I really admire the people who can.”

Young has just entered her busiest season of the year—Oscar season.

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Obsessed with: Miss Kate’s Southern Kitchen in Portland, Oregon

Miss Kate's Southern KitchenThis is enough to get me on a plane to Portland, Oregon—and not just because I’ve watched too many episodes of “Portlandia” in the past month. Apparently, a new food cart has opened up on North Mississippi Avenue called Miss Kate’s Southern Kitchen. It brings together two of my great loves—the name Kate and Southern food. (I hail from North Carolina and firmly believe that no one can have too much mac and cheese, fried okra, or buttermilk biscuits in their life.)

Miss Kate’s Southern Kitchen is owned and operated by Charles Hude. As he puts it on his food cart’s Facebook page, “I am a Mississippi Boy, cooking Mississippi food, on Mississippi Ave.” His food cart is dedicated to his grandma, Miss Kate.  “One of my fondest memories was sitting in her kitchen watching her cook and listening to the stories she would tell,” Hude says.

The cart serves up Miss Kate’s exact recipes—which were left to Hude when she passed.

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Kate’s Dates: Thoughts as I write a book about my assorted dating disasters

Kate Richlin-Zack

By Kate Richlin-Zack

Why the hell would you write this book?

Yes, that thought has crossed my mind many times. But I’m doing it anyway.

When it comes to my dating history,  friends and family have been telling me for years, “You should write a book … no, no you need to write a book.” From the start of my dating career at age 14 until three years ago, when things got serious with my husband, I’ve dated some of the most interesting guys: Lazy Eye Guy, Bird-Call Man, and Misdemeanor Evan to name a few. The stories have been told so many times that they’ve evolved into folklore.

If you’ve had dinner with my family, you’ve not only heard my parents’ favorite embarrassing stories from my childhood, but you’ve also heard my mother’s rendition of Little Pete or Married Jeff with some clarifying input from my father. My sister was kind enough to include some of her favorites in her Maid of Honor speech at my recent wedding. (Yes, I managed to find an incredible man who is absolutely nothing like any of the guys that waltzed in and out of my life before him.) As she was giving the speech, I overheard guests at nearby tables whispering excitedly, “Ooh ooh! I know this one!” Like I said, folklore.

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Warm fuzzies: Kate Middleton graces the cover of Scouting Magazine

Kate Middleton on the cover of ScoutingKate Middleton didn’t look too thrilled to be in her Brownie sash and uniform circa age 8. But that didn’t stop the Duchess of Cambridge from giving permission for her photo to be used on the February/March cover of the UK’s Scouting Magazine. Meanwhile, Anna Wintour of Vogue, Graydon Carter of Vanity Fair, and the editor-in-chief of, oh, every British magazine out there would have given their left arm—or at least a badge for smizing—to get Middleton on their next cover.

So why is Middleton repping for the Scouts? Because the organization is one of five she has chosen to patronize as part of her royal rotation.

In early January, according to the Daily Mail, Middleton submitted to a background check to become a volunteer for the Scouts even though, hello, if there was any dirt on this girl it would have come out already. She also took the official Scout pledge: “On my honor, I will try my best to do my duty to God and to the Queen, to help other people, and to keep the Scout Law.”

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The Week in Kate: The news I didn’t get to this week

Kate Moss for MangoAnd now, your weekly roundup of the Kate-related stories I just didn’t get a chance to write about:

  • Kate Moss will be the face of Mango this spring, in a campaign shot by Terry Richardson. Moss says she decided to do it because she thought it’d be  “a laugh.” [The Frisky]
  • Speaking of Moss, she also reveals that she likes modeling with snakes. Oh, and watching “crap TV” on Saturday nights. [Huffington Post, The Sun]
  • Katherine Heigl’s Utah neighbors were nonplussed that the actress decided to leave her Christmas lights up year round. She has received a letter asking that they be taken down. [Perez Hilton]
  • Double Kate power! The amazing Kate Winslet and Catherine Keener have joined the cast of “Frank and Francis,” Charlie Kaufman’s newest flick. Woo hoo! [NY Mag]
  • Speaking of Winslet, Star Magazine’s report that she and Ned Rocknroll are engaged is apparently false. Shocker. [Gossip Cop]
  • Remember Kate Richardson, the 22-year-old who was aiming to set a world record rowing across the Atlantic with friends to raise awareness for human trafficking? Well, she did it! Her crew rowed 3,000 miles in 45 days. [BBC]

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Kate Hudson’s dad swears his book is more ‘apology’ then ‘tell-all’

Bill Hudson book coverWhen news leaked out earlier this year that musician Bill Hudson was releasing a book in which he called famous daughter Kate Hudson a “spoiled brat,” I was concerned that he had gone to the Lynne Spears School of Parenting. I’m referring, of course, to Spears’ 2008 memoir, in which she revealed that daughter Britney had lost her virginity at age 14, leading their estranged relationship to become even more strained. See also: Nancy Dow, Jennifer Aniston’s mother, who wrote a book called From Mother and Daughter to Friends: A Memoir. It was years before Aniston made up with her mom.

But Bill Hudson tells Radar Online that his new book, 2 Versions: The Other Side of Fame & Family, isn’t intended to air Kate Hudson’s dirty laundry. He furthers that it isn’t about bashing ex-wife Goldie Hawn or their older child, actor Oliver Hudson.

“It is not a trashy tell-all,” Hudson explains. “It’s my side of what happened and it’s backed with facts and Goldie’s own words and Kate’s own words and my words and feelings.”

Hudson even calls the book an olive branch of sorts.

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Kate Middleton single-handedly ruining Mustique Island

Aurora House, Mustique IslandKate Middleton has left her Prince behind to go on vacation with her family. The Middleton clan flew first class on Friday to Mustique Island in the Caribbean, where they are kicking back in a beachfront mansion, the Aurora House, which rents for a cool $23,000 per week. I can almost see James Middleton’s chest hair from here as he sips a pina colada in the villa’s infinity pool. I can almost hear Pippa Middleton’s squeals as her parents fail to guess her Pictionary drawing, while they spend an evening in the villa’s dining gazebo, complete with a stunning ocean view.

However, the Middletons’ presence isn’t so relaxing to the guests who are renting the other 74 villas on the private island, which is owned by the Mustique Company.

Sources share that the island is on lockdown thanks to beefed-up security.

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Kate of the Week: Meet Kate DeFeo, writing teacher and improv comedian haunted by the song “K-K-K-Katy”

Kate DeFeoThere are so many amazing Kates out there. And every week, is resolving to introduce you to a new one. First up, the hilarious Kate DeFeo, 33, of Astoria, New York. By day, she teaches high school students to write fiction. By night, she performs with the improv comedy troupe Ladies & Gentlemen. And whenever possible, she scours highways and back roads for local eats.

Without further ado, 13 questions with Kate DeFeo.

1. What’s your favorite thing about your name?

I love that my mom named me after the character Kate from “The Way We Were.” Barbra Streisand played an outspoken, opinionated woman who followed her heart and passions. I have always loved that my mom wanted to raise me to get on my soapbox and speak out about what I care about.

2. What’s your least favorite thing about your name?

For most of my life, I was called “Katie” and every 70+-year-old man I met would hear my name and sing the song “K-k-k-katy, beautiful Katy”, an oldie by Billy Murray. I’m sure it was meant to be endearing, but when I was 7 it was somewhat scary.

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Katherine Heigl says, “Grrr, I should’ve not eaten for a week before my nude scene”

Katherine HeiglI’m noticing a rather disturbing trend lately—famous women talking about not eating as if it were something to be proud of. Take for example Katherine Heigl, who said this week of a stripped down scene in her new movie One for the Money, “You are just never happy with the way you look. No matter how little I ate that whole day, hoping my stomach would stay flat and I would have some sort of semblance of an ab, it doesn’t matter. You look at it and think, ‘Grrr, I should’ve not eaten for a week before.’”

Grrr, indeed. There are so many levels of wrong in this statement, that I’m not even sure where to start.

It feels so strange to hear someone as stunning — and svelte — as Heigl body snark herself. I mean, she always comes across as so confident and self-assured — can she really believe for a second that she looks anything other than amazing? And if she’s this self-critical of her body, do the rest of us stand any chance?

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Why does Kate Miller appear twice on the show “Friends?”

Kate Miller of "Friends"I’m going to guess that one of writers behind the TV show “Friends” either (a) married or (b) had an elementary school crush on a girl named Kate Miller. Because apparently, the name was used twice in the iconic series.

Kate Miller, played by Dina Meyer, is the actress Joey Tribbiani falls for while co-starring with her in the play “Boxing Day,” even though she’s already dating the director. While Kate and Joey do get together eventually, she quickly leaves town when she gets a part in a soap opera in Los Angeles.

But the name appears again in the episode “The One in Barbados Part II.”

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Kate Winslet is proud of her, um, vomiting in “Carnage”

Kate Winslet in CarnageKate Winslet was nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance in “Carnage,” and has some serious Oscar buzz going too. So what makes the role so impressive? According to Winslet—it was all the vomiting.

No, really.

“Carnage” is a dark comedy directed by Roman Polanski about two sets of parents whose boys are caught fighting at school. One pair of parents—Kate Winlset and Christoph Waltz of “Inglourious Basterds” fame—invite the other—Jodie Foster and John C. Reilly—over to their house to discuss. During the course of the night, everything devolves into chaos. At one of Winslet’s lowest moments,  her character projectile vomits mid-conversation.

Apparently, she had to do the scene several days in a row, just to get it right.

“I’m actually quite proud of my vomiting!” she tells People.

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