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Obsessed with: New Year’s Eve Sunglasses

New Year's Eve glassesOn New Year’s Eve in 1999, a friend handed me one of the best gifts ever: a pair of glasses shaped as the number 2000, the eye holes between the middle two ’0′s. I was instantly in love and vowed to collect a pair of such glasses for every year in the ’00s. I kept to my word. So imagine my surprise when, in 2010, the fun didn’t stop. Enterprising souvenir designers somehow figured out a way to make New Year’s Eve glasses work even with that pesky ’1′ in the middle. Ditto for 2011. As long as these glasses are made, I will keep on collecting them. Perhaps I can find a pink pair this year?


The Week in Kate: the news I didn’t get to

Catherine the Great bookAnd now, for a roundup of the ‘Kat’ and ‘Cat’ related news that I didn’t get to covering this week:

  • Kate Hudson is apparently a last-minute holiday shopper. The actress was photographed on Christmas Eve day darting around Aspen, Colorado, picking out gifts for the fam. [Celebuzz]
  • Robert Massie’s biography Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman is apparently pretty juicy, detailing the ruler’s affairs with Diderot and Voltaire. Catherine quote I like: “I could not live a day without love.” [NY Daily News]
  • Scandal! Kate Bosworth dared to go outside without blow drying her hair. [Daily Mail]
  • Speaking of The Bos, she is looking mighty cozy with new beau, Michael Polish. He’s no Alexander Skarsgard but, really, who is? [PopSugar]
  • New Yorkers will get a chance to see Cate Blanchett on the stage  in “Uncle Vanya” this July, when the Sydney Theater Company’s production comes stateside once again. Bonus? The play is based a new translation of the Chekhov classic, done by Blanchett’s husband, Andrew Upton. [NY Times]
  • See the stunning Kate Beckinsale in marabou feathers on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia. [Celebrity Gossip]
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Kat Dennings busts a move on the cover of Bust Magazine

Kat Dennings on the cover of Bust MagazineSure, the whole “Williamsburg diner” gambit on the sitcom “2 Broke Girls” is a little cloying. But that doesn’t make the awesome Kat Dennings any less awesome. So I was very excited to see her on the December cover of Bust Magazine.

A plum quote from her interview:

“Women are sexy – the end. And you can use that power if you want to. But there’s a certain even more powerful element not using it, just leading with other things – how smart you are, how funny you are.”

After the jump, check out Kat’s very creative head gear.

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Katherine Jackson looks freaked out by Michael Jackson impersonator

Katherine Jackson with Michael Jackson ImpersonatorThere is a reason why Katherine Jackson—the mama of Michael, Janet, La Toya, Marlon, Jackie, Tito and Jermaine—is grimacing in this photo. Over the weekend, Katherine and crew headed to the “Legends in Concert” stage show in Las Vegas, which features impersonators ranging Elvis to Lady Gaga, with Madonna and Stevie Wonder in the middle. While there, Katherine took a moment to pose with Michael Jackson impersonator William Hall, who was naturally featured in the show. Hence her expression which reads “I’m more than a little bit freaked out right now.”

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A Kate rows the Atlantic to raise awareness of human trafficking

Kate Richardson rowsWhile you are anxiously weighing the pros and cons of each New Year’s Eve party invitation, 22-year-old Kate Richardson of Ireland is having a very different experience of the final week of 2011. She is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with four friends, in a 21-foot boat.

The five lady crew is rowing  3,000 miles, from the Canary Islands to Barbados. They are hoping to break a world record and become the first all-female crew to make the  long voyage in less than 52 days. And they’re doing this for a good cause—to raise awareness and money for human trafficking.

So far, they’ve already been on the high seas for 17 days.

“Nothing can quite prepare you for the vastness of the ocean and we’re rowing in darkness for more than 14 hours a day,” Richardson told her local newspaper.

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A brief timeline of Katy Perry and Russell Brand split denials

Katy Perry and Russell BrandAs much as Katy Perry and Russell Brand have tried to assure us that all is good in their marital hood, it’s starting to look pretty bad for the adorable couple. It appears that the two did not spend the holidays together. While Perry was photographed in Kauai, Hawaii, on the day after Christmas — splashing in the ocean with friends, sans her wedding ring — Brand was spotted in jolly old England, having a drink at a pub in Cornwall on Christmas day.

I’m still holding out hopes for Perry and Brand, as I am all in favor of any couple that has elephants at their wedding. But I wouldn’t be too surprised if this turns out to be a Nick-and-Jessica situation where, several months down the line, they’ll stop with the denials and fess up that things aren’t working out.

But for now, they’re sticking with the story that they are a very happy couple. After the jump, a detailed timeline of Perry and Brand’s split denials.

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Kate Middleton just says ‘no’ to pheasant hunting

Kate Middleton huntsKate Middleton has often joined Prince William and his pops, Prince Charles, on their hunting expeditions. In 2007, she put on camouflage attire, gripped a rifle, and lay down in a patch of reeds to get a better shot at a deer. The next year, she accompanied her beau to the annual Boxing Day pheasant hunt, and was snapped by paparazzi wearing an ear to ear grin as she held up her gun, her pearl earrings in contrast to her hunting attire. This year, Middleton reportedly took lessons a month ago to get ready for the post-Christmas hunt.

“She is not the best shot and she’s determined to get better,” a source told the Daily Mail. “Kate knows that to fit in, not just with William, but with the rest of the royal family, she too must embrace the sport.”

But yesterday, in a turnabout, Middleton opted out of the traditional pheasant hunt during her first Christmas as an official member of the royal family.
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Obsessed with: Disco fries at Kate’s Joint

Kate's Joint in New YorkI’ve been a vegetarian for, well, a really long time. And I love me a vegetarian restaurant, even if it does take me a million years to order because there’s a full menu of options I can get rather than just a few to eenie meenie mini mo. My favorite vegetarian restaurant: Kate’s Joint on Avenue B in New York’s East Village. If you end up here, you’ll want to order a veggie version of a diner favorite—like the Southern Fried Unchicken, the Meatless-loaf Hero, or the Unturkey Club. There’s even a McKate burger—a veggie interpretation of the Big Mac. Oh, and Disco Fries. Made with vegan gravy.
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Can someone get Kate Moss a little more fabric?

Kate Moss ugly bikiniSome have dubbed this itty bitty swimsuit that Kate Moss wore for her photo shoot in the 2012 Pirelli calendar the “world’s smallest bikini.” I will simply dub it the “least flattering thing I have ever seen Kate Moss wear.” Maybe someone can take the excess fabric from the bottom and put a little more on the top?

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Tom Cruise painted “Kiss Me, Kate” on his plane

Tom Cruise's "Kiss Me, Kate" planeAnnoying thing #2 that happens when you are named Kate: you are regularly confronted with people making references to the musical “Kiss Me, Kate.” Annoying thing #1 that happens when you are named Kate: sometimes, said references are made by a person who, until that moment, you had found attractive.

But apparently Katie Holmes does not have the same aversion to the Cole Porter musical that I do. In fact, she loves it.

When recently asked about romantic things Tom Cruise has done for her, she said, “Two years ago he took me up on his P-51 Mustang, a fighter plane from World War II. He painted the words, ‘Kiss Me, Kate’ on the side.”

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Where Did The Names Kate, Katherine, and Katie Come From?

Until pretty recently, folks thought that ‘Cat’ and ‘Kat’ based names stemmed from Hecate, the Greek goddess of magic, ghosts, and witchcraft. But apparently, the 2006 Oxford English Dictionary threw that theory out the window. It’s now believed that the name actually stems from the Greek word “καθαρός” (kathraos), which means “pure.” The first use of the name was in reference to Saint Catherine of Alexandria, who was martyred in the 4th century. Modern folks most likely remember her as the saint who appeared to Joan of Arc in visions.

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Sorry, but Kate Middleton has some chubby fingers

Kate Middleton's replica ringMy favorite Christmas gift this year? A replica of Duchess Catherine’s engagement ring, gifted to me by my sister Lizz. Lizz apparently scoured high and low, looking for the best knockoff of Kate Middleton’s hulking 18-carat sapphire and diamond ring, which originally belonged to Princess Diana. This was a stroke of genius on many levels, and not just because I am obsessed with all things Kate-related. Blue just happens to be my favorite color, and I prefer my bling to be as big and gaudy as possible.

Replicas of Middleton’s ring have been flying off store shelves in the UK at about the same pace that people have been snatching up knockoffs of Pippa Middleton’s bridesmaid dress. But apparently, the store making this specific replica ring is only carrying it in a size 7, supposedly the ring size Middleton actually wears. (I can’t find any confirmation on the interwebs that this is or isn’t true.) And I just have to say that, for such a skinny girl, I am surprised by the heft of her fingers. This ring doesn’t even sort of of fit my ring finger. Heck, it even slips off my thumb. I had to put a little tin foil around the back to wear it on my middle finger as seen in this picture.

That said, I still kind of love this thing.

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